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#1 2022-11-23 11:56:07

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How to set keyboard layout in a remote X session?


when I'm at home, having a wire guard vpn connection to the company, via remote-desktop to xrdp (virtual session, not screen mirror): The keyboard layout switches to 'en_US'.

The reason is unknown, this does not happen when the connection comes form a local machine. Anyway.

I used to have a German keyboard, anything else is English / en_GB.
To switch back to the layout:

$ setxkbmap -layout "de" -nodeadkeys   # same with or without 'nodeadkeys'

This works not 100%. The [Altgr] key stays dead, which means none of {[]}\| .

What am I missing? Or
How to get the [Altgr] key working?

Thanks and regards.


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