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#1 2022-11-08 11:19:28

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Checkpoint CShell/SNX VPN client chrooted wrapper setup - bash script


The pure command line setup of the Checkpoint VPN client, with a special edition of SNX, has already stopped working a couple of years ago with the discontinuation of SSLv3 support by Checkpoint.

Also around that time, the Java agent stopped being an applet in the browser, and became a Java servlet running on the client.

These setups are typically problematic with the various versions of Checkpoint installation scripts, dependencies are not always easy to satisfy, require 32-bit libraries, and in some distributions/versions these dependencies no longer exist (officially).

Devuan certainly is not supported by CheckPoint. Here is my script that isolates the client/agent/32-bit setup in a chroot, and has been tested with many distributions, including Devuan.


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