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#26 2022-09-08 21:50:33

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Re: [SOLVED] apt-get update: gpg error (expired key)

Morgennebel wrote:
Morgennebel wrote:
fsmithred wrote:

To do a new install with the existing live isos, you can just download the package in a terminal with wget, check the sha256sum and install with dpkg or gdebi. Then run the installer.

I tried the server and netinstall ISOs. Both do not have dpkg available (or I did not found them in /usr/sbin, /sbin or /usr/bin).

You need first to chroot to /target first. dpkg is then available.

# chroot /target
# dpkg -i ....

Ciao, -MN

For the installer isos, yeah, you need to chroot. But for the live isos, you don't. The desktop-live has the entire xfce desktop for you to work with plus all the system commands. It is a full system, and the live installer just copies the running system to hard disk. That means any changes you make in configs or packages in the running system will be copied to the installation. The minimal-live doesn't have xorg, but it's still a complete system and will act the same way, just in console only.


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