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#1 2022-06-29 04:28:28

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Upgrading the kernel on a raspi2

I know this is ancient history, but I have an application that's been running flawlessly on a raspberry pi 2 under Ascii 2.0 for the last 3 years. At this point, I need to compile a kernel module but the repos didn't have headers for the 4.10.17-v7+ kernel that's currently installed. Did an apt install to 4.19.0-0.bpo.9-armmp with headers and the expected files are in /boot and /lib/modules, but restarting still brings up the old 4.10 kernel.

Tried a variety of things but can't seem to find the magic switch. If someone could point me to the steps for getting the upgraded kernel to boot it would be greatly appreciated.




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