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#1 2022-06-17 20:46:32

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[SOLVED] Zram in 4.0 ?

I was looking up if zram was avaliable in 4.0. I found something that said it wasn't available in 4.0 but was in earlier versions, but I don't understand why. So far I found.

1. There is a zram kernel object present in the default system.
2. regardless of if udisk2s-zram is installed, modprobing zram never mounts a zram disk.
3. I noticed in the sysvinit script that is provided by debian wiki, the script calls for modinfo from kmod. modinfo seems to be called with /sbin/modinfo, or it could be copied to /bin/ to make it work normally. However, modinfo always outputs an ERROR saying it's missing firmware. I read somewhere that you should install linux-headers, but this did not change/fix the error. So I'm assuming this is a separate problem.

So regardless of the modinfo bit. Why can't we just have zram working on the current kernel? Is there something hugely different in 4.0?

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#2 2022-06-17 21:27:26

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Re: [SOLVED] Zram in 4.0 ?

Works for me:

root@devuan:~# cat /etc/devuan_version 
root@devuan:~# modprobe -v zram
insmod /lib/modules/5.18.0-1-amd64/kernel/mm/zsmalloc.ko 
insmod /lib/modules/5.18.0-1-amd64/kernel/drivers/block/zram/zram.ko 
root@devuan:~# file /dev/zram0
/dev/zram0: block special (253/0)
root@devuan:~# echo 1G>/sys/block/zram0/disksize 
root@devuan:~# mkswap /dev/zram0
Setting up swapspace version 1, size = 1024 MiB (1073737728 bytes)
no label, UUID=0b9792b3-e7ce-4b5e-84f7-2f4dc3247db2
root@devuan:~# swapon /dev/zram0
root@devuan:~# cat /proc/swaps
Filename            Type      Size      Used      Priority
/dev/zram0        partition   1048572      0      -2

If you have errors post them here in full.

EDIT: zram-tools is installed but udisks2-zram is not.

EDIT2: and yes, it also works in chimaera. I tried it there first then brought the system up to daedalus to confirm the 5.18 kernel also works.

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#3 2022-06-17 23:31:50

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Re: [SOLVED] Zram in 4.0 ?

Alright I got it working. I could have sworn that I set the disksize originally, but I might have gotten confused about it. Not sure what I did wrong the first time honestly. Solved!


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