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#1 2022-06-14 14:48:12

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Help me help: midiware doc-shop

I've reluctantly embarked upon a paradigm climb primarily to learn but also to convert the effort into a resulting usable doc for those following. The ETA would hopefully be before year's end, seeing that I do have a million other chores on the list.

The subject will be the use of various soundware revolving around rosegarden as a creation tool under several different setup environments. One of my favorite 5 distros being Devuan I can state that in this respect it is second only to Suse-Leap and that at least in part because I'm more used to Leap. This will be a dynamically growing online composition otherwise not linked on my site until completion so here's the link (I will from time to time hit this thread only if/when other issues possibly related to Devuan arise).

In this initiating exercise done under Devuan on my laptop I seem to have run into issues with the standalone zynaddsubfx synth not auto-connecting to an already running jackd. I suspect it doesn't do so on any other distro either but poking around in the dark I really can't say any more than this. It is NOT a life or death problem but I'd like to clear it :-)


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