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#1 2022-04-01 17:44:10

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[SOLVED] .sudo_as_admin_successful

Hello! This is a blank text file ".sudo_as_admin_successful" displayed on my $HOME or root very recently everytime i hit "sudo -s user apt-get".

I have never had this file on my home before, and i use sudo for many years just it appears recently of the last update from testing repo. … o&x=submit
up to sudo 1.9.9-1 i remember haven't had this file on my home, something from current testing version 1.9.10-3 it made it show. If i delete it , it will recreated again once i hit successfully logging in sudo -s

I read too many googling stories about it, saw that this empyt file is present for decade. It is not a concern some people said, it is even common that it should be, but why i haven't had it before and why it appears strangely from nothing? I'm not sure it's a bug, something from the distro, or maybe it's my fault somewhere, but i can not locate it. Well, so far i have read without acting.

There was a ticket about this matter.

In fact doesn't bother me very much, just i wonder what is this? anybody from testing repo have this empty file on his home?

My single line from testing

deb daedalus main non-free contrib

sudo version

  Installed: 1.9.10-3
  Candidate: 1.9.10-3
  Version table:
 *** 1.9.10-3 500
        500 daedalus/main amd64 Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

Thanks for reading it.
Edit: adjusted written and links.

------------- SOLVED -------------

Edit2: Today I dealt with this matter, as early i was just reading, but not seriously.

As the user geekley posted. I disabled admin flag by creating a text file to "/etc/sudoers.d/disable_admin_file_in_home" and i put inside

# Disable ~/.sudo_as_admin_successful file
Defaults !admin_flag

Saved! and the empty file ".sudo_as_admin_successful" does not appear anymore on my home folder.

Perhaps latest sudo is compiled with admin flag active as man sudo says

admin_flag   The admin_flag option specifies the path to a file
             that is created the first time a user that is a
             member of the sudo or admin groups runs sudo.  Only
             available if sudo is configured with the
             --enable-admin-flag option.  The default value is

The forward sudo version must have been "The default value none".

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