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#1 2022-02-20 01:51:34

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What is the most easy method to pass through sound over network?

I am thinking about trying to use Zoom and Google Meet on a remote computer, for example inside a Linode guest with Tiger VNC + JWM.

I need to pass sound in both directions somehow. Open source VNC by its own AFAIK does not support remote sound.

I would not like to use Pulse Audio because I do not like anything from this systemD programmer wink

Also I would prefer to avoid popular sound servers like NAS.

What do you think about trying to use ffmpeg and ALSA loopback for the task?

So I could make two streams:

1) From my workstation to Linode VPS:

VideoCam + Microphone -> local ffmpeg streaming -> UDP -> remote ffmpeg -> loopback devices (ALSA and V4L) -> Zoom / Google Meet

2) From Linode VPS to my workstation:

Zoom / Google Meet on Linode VPS  -> ALSA loopback -> remote ffmpeg  streaming -> UDP ->  some player capable to open a sound stream

Also I will look at VNC to see another party.

There is even a place for improvement. I can try to capture program window like Zoom or Chromium directly to ffmpeg too and pass remote video from another party via multimedia stream too and see it in a player instead of VNC client.

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#2 2022-02-20 02:01:50

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Re: What is the most easy method to pass through sound over network?

Regarding to codec, I guess Opus can be used: … pus_codec/ … audio.html

My goal is to improve video session stability by executing video chat client on the modern Linode host with a fast internet in their datacenter.

So if my connection brokes or sometimes becomes slow I would not drop from the video session completely but rather only will miss some UDP packets from ffmpeg which is acceptable for me.

Also I am going to protect my Internet line between my home and Linode by some type of a VPN, may be UDP Wireguard.

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