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#1 2022-01-17 15:46:19

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debtags and devuan

Having noticed that a binary .deb control file doenst contain tags and neither dpkg knows about them , and
seen that apt-cache do , and that (as it was pointed to me in the irc)  /var/lib/apt/lists$ emacs deb.devuan.org_merged_dists_chimaera_main_binary-amd64_Packages  has tags i wanted to dig a little deeper on how that tags get there.

Could someone explain with a broad and generic view how devuan uses and 'merges' debtags?

Distro: Devuan GNU/Linux 4 (Chimaera) and 5(Daedalus)  WM: Awesome and  i3(Sway) 
Installation: Desktopless and incremental from there to learn about  seat/login/session management and dbus.


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