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#1 2021-10-24 21:08:35

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Issues with network/mtu after upgrading from Beowulf to Chimaera


I have a really strange MTU issue when cable is plugged on two different network card/driver and even if I reload the older kernel previously used with Beowulf really can't understand where can come this issue if it's not kernel related.
MTU higher than 1500 like 3000 cause really strange issue when you control the computer with ssh. "top" just not open and the window freeze until you close window or change MTU back to 1500. Vim can't open syslog but nano can open syslog without issues scp freeze and never ask for password even on the local console without using ssh and all other commands work without any issue even trough SSH. When I change MTU to 1500 all can be opened without any freeze or issues. All links have same MTU on both side switch support jumbo frame and with Beowulf no issue at all with same value. Someone have an idea where I can look ?

Second issue is with bridged interfaces before all the traffic is forwarded between all interfaces exactly like a switch.
Since Chimaera but I probably missing something bridge is up but not communicate with bridged interfaces. eth0 or eth1 are up but no communication at all between both interfaces and bridge not receive any traffic or even a reply to the dhcp request IP like before. If I ask/set an IP directly on eth0 or eth1 it's work but when I try to retrieve that from the bridge I received no network traffic at all. Tcpdump show me standard traffic on eth0 or eth1 but nothing on br0. br0 is vlan aware and all vlans are listed on the bridge so should view any traffic.

I have probably missing something but just not know what to do. Configuration is exactly the same than before and mtu/bridged interfaces work without any issue since months. I check all packages and all are there no rules on iptables all traffic is accepted.
I try to load this module "br_netfilter" but change nothing and have the same message before on syslog.

This message was present before : kernel: [   43.332218] random: crng init done
But not this : 4 urandom warning(s) missed due to ratelimiting
I try to install rng but seem not that if someone have an idea ?

Thank you for your help smile


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