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#1 2021-05-03 18:06:37

From: Ortenau
Registered: 2021-04-25
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aptitude changelogs source url


I have a devuan beowulf installation.
I use aptitude after 1st install as my bread and butter tool for system maintenance. aptitude 0.8.11-7, same aptitude-common 0.8.11-7

in the section preferences there is written
URL to use to download metadata

That means meta data of devuan packages will not be downloaded through this channel.
As there is a changelog inside the package, is there a case where a package has the changelog not inside?
a) If no : SOLVED, but then the setting is not important and may be deleted, minor bug,
b) if yes: major bug against devuan aptitude package

there is no information in man 8 aptitude nor in aptitude-doc-en, where this can be modified.
please advise.
setting possible maybe in $HOME/.aptitude/config?

best regards

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