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#1 2016-12-06 06:58:42

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vdev documentation

Ralph, rrq, has indicated that he has little time to do the man docs for vdev.  I have offered to do the editing for any possible contributions to this man documentation.  I have cleaned up the original man file from Jules, but it needs more information.  If you could send me your contributions of how to use vdev, I will include it.  Aiter, rrq, and others, please consider sending your thoughts to  me at  I will send your contributions to rrq and aiter for their considerations prior to finalizing the man doc file (these gentleman have been the main current devs of vdev). 

That said, I personally have little understanding of udev and vdev, and if someone else has the itch to take this over, please be my guest.

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#2 2016-12-15 15:52:37

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Re: vdev documentation

Thanks a lot, Robert, the man pages will be crucial smile

Now i'm jumping from one task to another (simple-netaid, vdev, linux-libre...)  But the packages of vdev are 95% "finished", and this is the only *dev i've been using during these last two months. I want to include debconf templates now in some packages. The instalation procedure will be documented both in this forum and the mailing list.



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#3 2016-12-15 21:51:57

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Re: vdev documentation

I'm of course using vdev myself, and as of last week, it's with a beta2 installation on the 20 Gb SSD of my Asus laptop. I've uncovered two faults in the vdev actions (it locks down /dev/fuse and /dev/net/tun too much), and otherwise had no grief. But I can't say I'm very inventive in changing its hardware anyhow, so it's not a very impressive vdev workout.

The documentation needs a lot of work, with possibly the major thing being a change of perspective so it, more than telling what vdev does, it tells what a person needs to do to make vdev do something more/else for them. This includes how to make changes to the current (documented) actions, and more significantly how to add new actions/helpers to deal with new hardware. At the end of the day it's just the hotplugging sub system, which really is (or should be) simple for any particular set up, but made complicated in the attempt to be capable of handling any and all possible set ups.


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