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#1 2021-02-18 11:33:13

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Inst manpages-de 4.9.1-5 causes Remv xorg, initramfs-tools, etc.

I came across with a strange behavior installing the newest version of manpages-de:

An installation of manpages-de 4.9.1-5 causes to remove more then 50 packages among which are xorg, linux-image, eudev, cryptsetup-initramfs, udev, procps, initramfs-tools, firefox-esr, openssh-server, cups etc.

First I struggled over a strange behavior updating psmisc, cf. the situation in … bug=982059

This affects Devuan Ceres system, but not Beowulf.

Debian Sid seems not to be affected.

bug number #552

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