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#1 2021-02-08 01:31:47

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disabling suspend and hibernation

As the upstream Debian 11 is almost "soft-freezed", yesterday I tried Devuan ceres on my Raspberry Pi 4B. It seems already production-quality! Impressive. (I installed Devuan ceres by then run apt-get install task-xfce-desktop.) But I saw a small inconvenience. When I push "logout" button of Xfce, I have options of "suspend" and "hibernation" as shown in the below screenshot. But neither suspend nor hibernation works. I submitted a report to the upstream Debian kernel package as … bug=982167.

For a while, it may be better to disable system-wide suspend and hibernation on hardwares on which suspend or hibernation is broken. I found a method to disable them on Debian wiki as … ibernation, but it does not apply to Devuan. Although I met this issue on RPi, it is not an RPi specific issue.

My question is: What is a proper Devuan way to disable suspend and hibernation, for example, on Xfce?

Screenshot of suspend and hibernation


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