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#1 2020-11-20 09:32:59

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QEMU autopkg testbed for Devuan

Hi everyone,

For me it has been a bit difficult to build QEMU autopkg testbed for Devuan
(and Debian with sysvinit-core as /sbin/init).
Is it easy for you??

I made my own shell script to build a QEMU autopkg testbed for Devuan at … u-debiansh

A built image is placed at … md64.qcow2
(400 MB qcow2 image of 25 GB disk image).

With the above image and after installing ovmf and qemu-system-x86 packages,
I was able to test Devuan Ceres's apt as

autopkgtest-5.15 -B -u debci apt -- qemu --efi -q qemu-system-x86_64 --qemu-options "-machine q35" /var/tmp/autopkgtest-ceres-amd64.qcow2

It gave no error!


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