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#1 2020-11-08 17:24:26

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gnome-software and plasma-discover not working

We discussed this issue on #devuan freenode IRC on 2020-11-04 (Wednesday) and 2020-11-07 (Saturday). It can be viewed in the public archives. gnome-software and plasma-discover are the software centres for GNOME and KDE respectively. They are working in Debian but not in Devuan. Neither one has been forked by Devuan, so these are unmodified Debian versions. The packagekit backend that they use is working, as well as GNOME's alternative software center gnome-packagekit. The issue seems to be with appstream, which is the software responsible for the application details, like the name, icon, screenshots, description, etc. Apparently this metadata is missing from Devuan. Both app centres are able to show information for installed applications, but they are not able to search for other applications. Also in GNOME, right clicking an application and then clicking "Show Details" opens software center and says "No Application Data Found," but selecting an application from within the software center shows all of its details, although some screenshots are missing.


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