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#1 2020-05-18 11:14:20

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So I love my pi's
If only they loved the mainline kernel as much.

Thus linux-p4-64 and pi4-64-bootloader.
linux-p4-64 is the foundations linux sources compiled arm64 for the pi4.

pi4-64-bootloader is the other needed /boot files.
ie: fixup4*, start4*, cmdline.txt and a modified config.txt for arm64.
Also included are the brcmfmac43455 files.

So with these 2 deb's


You can debootstrap a sdcard with Devuan arm64 for the pi4.

So the tool to use is Devuan-pi4-os64

git clone
cd Devuan-pi4-os64

It grabs debootstrap_1.0.123+devuan1 and uses it.
You just need to supply a arm64 enviroment.

A arm64 version of the vcgencmd command is included too.
Along with dhcpcd5 ntp mlocate ssh wpasupplicant.
So you can go headless, if you want.
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