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#1 2020-03-05 21:39:10

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libvirt-daemon-system 5.6.0 (ceres)

came across a bug for non-systemd systems in libvirt-daemon-system version 5.6.0-3 in ceres/sid. : … bug=939983

error : Unable to read from '/sys/fs/cgroup/unified/machine/cgroup.controllers'

there seems to be a fix in upstream libvirt >= 5.9.0 ( , so i tried deb version 6.0.0-1 from debian experimental repo (i know repomixing dangers, but i needed a local libvirt daemon for an urgent test), and that seems to work without issues..
for proper fix we probably have to wait till that version enters sid/ceres repos...
also version in beowulf (5.0.0-4) worked ok, iirc.

using openrc/elogind in ceres.


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