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#76 2021-10-14 21:38:06

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Re: Debian has fallen. What now?

golinux wrote:
cafinux wrote:

So yes I'm putting my hand up if something needs doing . . .

perhaps fix a bug

This prompted me to have a look at the bug tracker, but I can't even figure out how to find any relevant bug reports, which perhaps disqualifies me before I even started. All the packages I looked at simply say "There is no maintainer for [package]. This means that this package no longer exists (or never existed). Please do not report new bugs against this package." - and the reports say (correctly) that the error is upstream with Debian. I imagine this will be the case with the vast majority of bugs. Is there a list of bugs that are actually with Devuan, and where it's worth looking to see if one can help?

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