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#1 2019-07-10 20:58:49

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".desktop" files now and then

This has puzzled me long time, but now it seems to be right time to ask, since Buster release and me going with Beowulf - wtf is going on?

First founding out Crunchbang and then not fully satisfied with it I sticked with some of the "fundamentals" - X, Openbox, Tint2.
Pinning programs to "taskbar" (like one would do on Windows) was kind of challenge with no GUI programs (Midnigth Commander, htop etc). Although there was/is Terminal=true it never worked, so I added xterm -e and it was so good smile Everything was so fine and perfect until Beowulf/Buster.

Now something has changed. Past "pinned" "taskbar" elements are launched with additional terminal window, which is an indication that Terminal=true option in .desktop files are finally accepted (and launcing my added xterm -e aswell).

I have no idea what is going on, but suspect that it has to do with gnome or freedesktop.

Can someone with knowledge enlighten me about what is controlling .desktop files and what major change between ascii/strech and beowulf/buster caused them to work correctly?

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