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#1 2018-06-17 00:48:26

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Former Debian leader Bruce Perens gives Devuan v2.0 a big thumbs up

"I was the second Debian project leader. These days, I prefer to run Devuan, a true Debian derivative engineered the way I would probably have decided to make it. It's efficient and trouble-free. Thanks to the Devuan developers for all of the work!"

For those not familiar with Bruce Perens, he is a major developer and leader within Open Source (he was the second Debian leader ---replacing Ian Murdock, co-founded the Open Source Initiative, represented the Open Source community/movement at the  United Nations World Summit on the Information Society, helped create the Debian Social Contract among many other projects and initiatives...). 

There were those who doubted if Devuan could deliver with their promise of init freedom, and if they could carry the banner of being a legitimate continuation of Debian's roots and legacy.  An endorsement from an Open Source luminary with the history Bruce had/has with Debian should be a solid affirmative answer to that inquiry. 

Ref: … d=56758364 … ble_ships/

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