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#1 2017-10-06 01:12:29

From: Panama
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HOWTO: My Devuan Installation (minimal netinstall)

For this you need an internet connection.

I burn this ISO:


It's only 227 GB, cool!

Insert the installation CD,

Choose from the menu: Advanced options > Expert
(don't fret, easy peacy).

Go thru the installation as always, when you get the option of choosing desktop
environments, servers etc, untick all options.

IOW, you install nothing from this page, all you got are the base apps you got
by default at the beginning of the installation, put GRUB on the mbr, finish the
installation, reboot.

Come back, at the prompt become ROOT, do:

# apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade

Install what you like, (don't forget xorg)

In my particular case:

# apt-get install xorg firefox-esr sudo ufw gpm firmware-linux firmware-realtek locate localepurge


# apt-get install jwm gmrun menu lxterminal xfe mirage hexchat scrot numlockx unclutter nvi inxi

# ufw enable

# reboot

Come back configure jwm

voilà !

Happy trails,

macondo123 aka macondo

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#2 2017-10-06 08:46:03

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Re: HOWTO: My Devuan Installation (minimal netinstall)

Yes I use this method either Refracta 9 nox or Devuan One net install on my T42 Thinkpad - I use forcepae option booted from unetbootin.  Install and install basic LXDE core and reboot.  Install non-pae kernel that machine requires and make a snapshot.


#3 2017-10-10 18:39:28

From: Central America
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Re: HOWTO: My Devuan Installation (minimal netinstall)

my bad, the cd is 227 MB, thanks yeti

Desktop Dual Core 8 GB RAM - Devuan Ceres - Slackware Current - Grub - JWM
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