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#1 2017-09-15 23:51:49

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Now Gogs packages for Devuan

I packagin the gogs git management painless software for all Debian/Devuan versions: … n-venenux/

Due gogs produced binary assumed are in a path where will be all the required files,
the default installation are set to /usr/lib/gogs, due its so hard to change all the references..
so the gogs binary will find all where was run, the daemon set WORKINGDIR to this location.
Rest of path are '/var/lib/gogs' for data files and '/var/log/gogs' for logging files.
The configuration called "custom/conf/app.ini" are set by daemon script to '/etc/gogs/app.ini'

The gogs package setup in port 3000 a self hosting service for git management,
after install automatically browse to for last step steup or usage.

Daemon service and git repositories:

After installing this package, the daemon automatically will be enabled,
can be disabled at /etc/default/gogs by setting the following line to false as:
The gogs service by default looks into the directory /var/lib/git/ for
repositories. It expects to have read-write access, all the management will be
made by the gogs so the urls,repositories must setup and populate with gogs interfaces.
A recomended its to set owner of that directory to the gogs user

* Default values

The app.ini default values was changes, the most notables changes are:
* The software user are not 'git', user are 'gogs'.
* The UNIX socket permission was fixed to 644 from insecure value
* The OFFLINE_MODE are set to true, so gravatar are locally only
* All the certificate files are under /var/lib/gogs/certs/
* Will searsh and put git repositories under /var/lib/git
* The prefered/default licence are the GPL v3
* All the file sizes for uploads/attachements are between 12 and 24 Mb
* All paths for file uploads/attachements are in /var/lib/gogs/data/
* Maximun upload number of files are 1 to 3
* The default db for gogs internal work are sqlite3 for easy setup
* Email feature are enabled and assumed localhost at port 25, no certs checks
* Session are file provider and stored at /var/lib/gogs/data/sessions
* Local Avatars due offline mode (but set to true) and in /var/lib/gogs/data/avatars
* There's file log apart of the daemon log, in /var/log/gogs as gogslog.log
* The Raw file render mode unless upstream will always set to false and disabled due security
The daemon script was changed as:
* Working directory are the installatin real directory at /usr/lib/gogs
* Default user and group are 'gogs'
* The daemon arguments to parse are ' web --config /etc/gogs/app.ini' as the custom ini file
Those values are according to the git Debian packages defaults.

* About PAM authentication

The gogs package have enabled pam feature, but if you want it to work with normal Linux passwords,
implicts the user running Gogs must have read access to /etc/shadow, this are a security risk.

* About packagin sources and related runtime/build dependences

The gogs sources have build in more others go projects that must be packaged separated,
so dependency of resulting package are only 'libc6 (>= 2.3.6~)' due the gogs sources
depends on exactly versions in time of those sub projects.


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