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#1 2017-07-18 21:00:53

From: Any witch way
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Abiword 3.0.2 Gnome office top screen flickering cursor dissapearing

I use to like this pkg, simple lighter than some, with full editing features but it is not behaving lately

I don't know whether it is my hardware it does not like or does anyone else have the problems.

It is really hard to type or do anything, the cursor vanished, appears huge, and the screen in the top
20% of the page flickers like crazy.  It is like a bad neon bulb/capacitor/igniter thing.

I have seen the same in another distro on the same machine for a long while, but couldn't find
any reference.  Older versions of it didn't have the problem.

I am on ceres (did it in ascii as well) Amd64 LXDE and openbox (same thing).

I had no clue it was part of gnomeoffice ... figures, this thing needs a plugin for reading odt and can
not save it.  What about that open document format.

Any other editor's software other than libreO and ApacheO


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