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#1 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » PulseAudio always resets to mute » 2020-12-18 23:59:51

I guess that's why it works for me. I only use speakers that plug into my headphone jack. Hahaha!

Carry on. I'll be quiet now. big_smile

#2 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » PulseAudio always resets to mute » 2020-12-18 21:46:48

Well, the directions that I gave always does away with the global automate on startup for me. Good luck.

#3 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » PulseAudio always resets to mute » 2020-12-16 19:14:41

I don't know if this will work, but there are a couple of things you can try...

1. Open a terminal, and enter alsamixer. If it opens in the terminal, use your arrow keys to move to the right until Automute is highlighted. Then press the down arrow to disable it.

You may have to choose your sound card first by pressing F6...

If alsamixer isn't working on your system, then you can try...

2. When you first boot your computer up...BEFORE adjusting the volume on the panel, open Pavucontrol. Go to Output Devices. If the volume icon is highlighted (muted), press it to unmute it. THEN move the slider beneath it.

Both of those options have always worked for me, but I'm unfamiliar with Cinnamon.

Good luck

#4 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » Obmenu-generator problem » 2020-12-07 15:10:41

Not sure what the problem could be. The instructions on the MiyoLinux website always works for me...on Ascii, Beowulf, and Ceres.  ???

If HoaS's package works for you then, by all means use it. smile

Did you install the depends according to the "Debian-based" instructions on the website?

For Debian-based systems...

apt install make git cpanminus libgtk2-perl

You may now need to install libtgtk3-perl too. wink  I need to update the site.

Hi, What are the permissions for the location "/home/groucho/.config/obmenu-generator"?

I'm lazy and just open the file manager, go to ~/.config/ and create the obmenu-generator folder as myself...the regular user. wink Did you mistakenly create it as root instead?

Now I have a problem with a couple of Openbox entries I use frequently.
In my previous non-configurator menu, I had entries for reboot and shutdown.

execute --> lxterminal sudo -e shutdown -r now and execute --> lxterminal sudo -e shutdown -r now.

These still work perfectly well from the command line ie: sudo -e shutdown -r/h now but using the stanza in won't work.

What am I missing?

elogind commands...

Shutdown = loginctl poweroff

Reboot = loginctl reboot

#5 Re: Off-topic » What other distro are you using (besides devuan)? » 2020-11-16 22:51:18

BSDs in order (according to my PPs...aka...Personal Preferences)

1. OpenBSD
2. NetBSD
3. FreeBSD (and its derivatives)


Because that's the way I roll baby!  tongue

#6 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-11-11 12:56:01

If anyone is using MiyoLinux-Rolling, and an update broke your right-click menu, you can fix it by running the following commands in a terminal...

Preface this first command with su (or sudo)...

cpanm Linux::DesktopFiles

Don't use su or sudo for this second command...

obmenu-generator -p -i

#7 Re: Devuan Derivatives » dwm on Miyo (Devuan Ceres- rolling) » 2020-10-31 12:55:36

anticapitalista wrote:

He removed connman and saw that network-manager is also faulty on his box.
So, connman did not bork his system, something else did.

Oh...I must have somehow missed that.

#8 Re: Devuan Derivatives » dwm on Miyo (Devuan Ceres- rolling) » 2020-10-31 00:46:08

manyroads wrote:

@MiyoLinux... it went pear shaped on me for the third time.  No network connects through the browser.  This time I left the partition alive and just put MXLinux running dwm on a second partition.  I'm happy to work with you or @Head_on_a_Stick or others to see if we can find the problem.


There is some hardware that doesn't like connman no matter what. I don't remember which ones.

If you boot a live version of Miyo-Rolling with an Ethernet cable, can you successfully run an apt update?

If so, after the apt update, do a...

apt install network-manager-gnome


...then do a...

apt remove cmst

After that, use the terminal or Run Command and enter...


It should appear in your system tray. Click on it to see if you can connect to your network. If everything works, then install the system. It will keep network-manager-gnome on the installed system and not have CMST.

#9 Re: Devuan Derivatives » dwm on Miyo (Devuan Ceres- rolling) » 2020-10-30 22:22:03

manyroads wrote:

@MiyoLinux, I was the guy pestering you on Sourceforge.... smile

tongue big_smile

manyroads wrote:

So here is what I have done and am testing.  For the last few hours things have worked. Yay! 
As @Head_on_a_Stick will confirm, I do beat on my systems.  I'm also reasonably tenacious.  lol   Anyway here's what I have done:

Miyo (Devuan) dwm Install/ Build

Replace Network Connman and start MiyoLinux:   

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install firefox network-manager nm-tray network-manager-gnome
sudo apt remove connman cmst
sudo reboot

After First reboot (I install the stuff I want.  btw. I have also used deb files for various apps like skype, zoom, etc because I prefer to avoid appimages flatpaks, snaps.) :

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt autoclean && sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt install firefox thunderbird dunst rofi geany conky filezilla nnn ranger feh luckybackup timeshift virtualbox libreoffice bpytop celluloid gimp neofetch keepassxc qpdfview transmission zathura zenity yad zim sxiv i3lock-fancy xarchiver xcompmgr conky sxhkd variety mousepad

For use in installing and setting up dwm (st & slstatus):

sudo apt install make gcc libx11-dev libxft-dev libxinerama-dev xorg

I keep all my suckless tools in ~/.local/bin and place that in my path via bashrc with the following:

# Add local 'pip' to PATH: (In your .bashrc, .zshrc etc)
export PATH="${PATH}:${HOME}/.local/bin/"
export PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:$PATH

editing your config.h files, compiling suckless tools are beynd the scope of this brief tutorial.

Misc. Tools


sudo -v && wget -nv -O- | sudo sh /dev/stdin

I'll let folks know what I encounter... or when I really give up.

Hey...thanks! smile

It has been a long time since I've used DWM. I might give it a try soon. wink

#10 Re: Devuan Derivatives » dwm on Miyo (Devuan Ceres- rolling) » 2020-10-30 22:15:26

brocashelm wrote:

Sync problems sometimes happen. I recommend retrying a few more times. I usually succeed after the second or third attempt.

This has been my experience also. Strange thing is, it has only happened after a fresh installation. After that, I personally haven't experienced it again...but I'm special. LOL! tongue

#11 Re: Devuan Derivatives » dwm on Miyo (Devuan Ceres- rolling) » 2020-10-30 19:24:06

I understand.

Someone recently said the same thing on Sourceforge about CMST on Miyo-Rolling a couple of weeks ago. So...I suggested they...

First install network-manager-gnome.
Then remove CMST.

It worked for me on Ceres...but I don't like network-manager-gnome, so I removed it and installed CMST again. Hahaha! smile tongue

Might be an option if you ever want to try it again in the future.

Ceres has been absolutely stable for me, but then again, I have very minimal setups, so there's not much to break.


#12 Re: Devuan Derivatives » dwm on Miyo (Devuan Ceres- rolling) » 2020-10-30 09:05:03

Wow...that's fantastic!

I'm looking forward to finding out more regarding the build tools that you mentioned. smile

#13 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » Cmus not starting on Devuan 3.0.0 Beowulf, Mate[ SOLVED] » 2020-10-19 21:35:18

Hmmm...strange. Then again, I'm a window manager user without much experience at all with MATE. tongue

Perhaps a....

apt install --reinstall cmus


I don't know. Sorry.

#14 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » Cmus not starting on Devuan 3.0.0 Beowulf, Mate[ SOLVED] » 2020-10-19 20:06:23

cmus works perfectly for me in beowulf. smile

Have you tried just entering...

cmus the terminal instead of...

x-terminal-emulator -e cmus


I only enter...


...and it works. However, if I enter...

x-terminal-emulator -e cmus you've shown, it opens another terminal window which does nothing, and promptly closes.

#15 Re: Devuan » Meet cinnabar (Beowulf default theme) » 2020-10-15 23:57:14

fsmithred wrote:

To get the cinnabar highlights in synaptic or other root apps, you can copy ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini to root's home after you set the theme with lxappearance. lxappearance as root...

sudo lxappearance

...or use su if you prefer, then enter...


When lxappearance opens, you can choose the theme and icons that you want to use for the root apps.

#16 Re: Other Issues » how to get hibernation? » 2020-10-03 18:36:31

For already built-in automagic options...

man loginctl


loginctl --help

#17 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » Firefox outdated » 2020-10-03 18:24:32

dev2cosmos wrote:

Best way to do secure banking is to visit the bank in person perhaps?

Hahaha! That's pretty good. big_smile

As always though, there are exceptions to the rule...

My Credit Union is 30 miles away from me. My work schedule doesn't allow me the ability to visit the CU in person.

Could I use a local bank? Sure! I've used several in the past, and I will never use one again. (Imagine a lot of Yosemite Sam grumbling here)...Brick'a, brack'a, brickin, no-good-for-nothin', frick'a, frackin', low-down-'n-dirty, slop'n-doppin-stinkin' banks...

I also pay all of our monthly bills (other than my city utility bill) through my Credit Union's online bill pay.

However, I have a certain Devuan derivative ( wink tongue ) installed onto a USB, and all that it's used for Is to do my online banking. Not much trouble to boot the USB when I need to do online banking. smile

#18 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-09-21 21:15:41

Edited my last post directed toward rayburn... tongue

#19 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-09-21 20:34:30

Head_on_a_Stick wrote: wrote:
cpanm Data::Dump
cpanm File::DesktopEntry

Note that both of those perl modules are already packaged for Devuan: … .22-1.html … .23-1.html

EDIT: s/Debian/Devuan/

Thanks HoaS. I wasn't aware of that.

#20 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-09-21 18:44:44

HevyDevy wrote:

Or you could do this...

First sudo apt-get install build-essential cpanminus git


git clone git://
    sudo cp obmenu-generator/obmenu-generator /usr/bin
    sudo cp -r obmenu-generator/ ~/.config/obmenu-generator
    sudo cpanm Linux::DesktopFiles
    sudo cpanm Data::Dump
    sudo chmod 777 /usr/bin/obmenu-generator

and finally

obmenu-generator -d

I need to update my instructions to include libgtk3-perl...anyway, here are my personal instructions for installing it on NuTyX, Arch (not from the AUR), PCLinuxOS, and Devuan/Debian...  smile

#21 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-09-21 17:03:21


Came back from vacation a day early... tongue

I just ran updates, and had no issues. The menu still works perfectly. yikes


I reinstalled the entire system. Ran updates. The menu is still working perfectly. yikes

I did notice there was an update for libgtk3-perl, so perhaps that will fix the issue for you if you run updates again.

Also, there is an alternative menu that I provided in ~/.config/openbox/Other-Menu

It uses openbox-menu to provide the applications menu.

Directions are in the Release Notes (if you still have them). tongue

If you don't have them and want to try the other menu, just copy the menu.xml file from the Other-Menu folder into the openbox folder, and overwrite the existing one.


Then, open the terminal or Run Command, and enter...

openbox --reconfigure

#22 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-09-19 20:17:26

Hi rayburn!

I'm on vacation and without a computer to test it (I'm on my phone).

I assume from the output you posted, you're using icons in the menu?

Does it work without icons? To test it, open the terminal and without su or sudo, enter...

obmenu-generator -p

If that produces a menu without icons, good.

Until I'm back from vacation, you can try this to see if icons will return...

1. Delete the icons folder in ~/.config/obmenu-generator
2. Open the terminal, and enter the following command (use su or sudo)...

cpanm Linux::DesktopFiles

3. Without su or sudo, enter...

obmenu-generator -p -i

If that doesn't work, perhaps Head_on_a_Stick will be willing to help until I'm back from vacation on the 22nd. smile

#23 Re: Installation » Upgrading from Ascii to Beowulf » 2020-09-05 22:34:32

Altoid wrote:


rdav wrote:

Hi fsmithred
... the ancient DM I use: "Slim".

It is not systemd compatible


I may hang myself here, but I've built some Debian respins with live-build by request. I read in the Arch wiki that systemd doesn't play nicely with slim, so I used Lightdm in those builds.

In each one, I replaced lightdm with slim while testing them (for myself) for several weeks. I never had any issues with it on Debian/systemd.

Not sure what the issue is or could be...but then didn't matter to me. tongue


#24 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » Alternative browser for Devuan/Debian - Brave » 2020-08-26 19:37:53

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:
MiyoLinux wrote:


Same tabs open in both, a saving of ~800MiB is quite significant smile


Head_on_a_Stick wrote:
MiyoLinux wrote:


But I do think FF has a memory leak somewhere...


Thanks HoaS! Much appreciated!

#25 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-08-26 19:35:06

brocashelm wrote:

Pretty cool, indeed. Great way to entice fans of Gentoo, Arch GNU/Linux, and other such distros to try out Devuan and see what it's all about.

The "unstable" Ceres is more stable than most other "stable" distros. Crazy world we live in. tongue

Devuan Ceres...

The Gentoo Jinxer...
The Arch Annihilator...
The Solus Stopper...
The Tumbleweed Terminator...
The Manjaro Maligner...



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