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#1 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Advice needed from non-US users regarding keyboard layouts » 2022-06-20 18:46:10

MiyoLinux wrote:

Hi everyone! If I may ask a question, is it a serious problem for a user outside of the United States to use a US keyboard layout on a live system when trying out a distro? Can you try out a distro with a US keyboard layout without many problems?

I've tried several other keyboard layouts, and for the most part, they seem to follow the US keyboard layout (except for some special characters).

I'm looking at a keyboard switcher, but it only allows for three keyboard layouts.

Any input would be appreciated. smile

Yes, it is a VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM. many people will be unable to enter their names without accents, or domain names for web sites they need to refer to - possibly even the data needed to name their only available wifi AP.

In my case (English speaking UK keyboard user) 9/10 times, I will use my @ and ", and get the opposite - seriously annoying, but not fatal. However, I have several other keys which also do not type what is on them <> appear on the correct keys, but also on vertical bar and backslash. No backslash is reasonably close to fatal, no vertical bar can be fatal.

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