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#1 Other Issues » apt-transport-tor make traffic flood » 2022-02-04 14:58:52

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I`m use apt-transport-tor to receive updates. Everything works perfectly. But... tor itself make traffic flood. As show wireshark tor checking connection or something like that creating flood. Is there any opportunity to disable these frequent checks performed by tor without shut down it?

#2 Installation » Problems with desktop-live iso. » 2022-02-04 13:01:37

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Hi guys.

I encountered with two desktop live iso problems that have not been fixed since the chimaera release.

1: Creating an efi partition by refractainstaller is completely broken. If user not have efi partition initially, refractainstaller create not proper efi partition and system not boot at all. I try desktop-live iso on many PC. The result is always the same. The system does not start. You can try it by yourself. Just delete efi partition and try install desktop-live iso.

2: I think you know about bad work nouveau with nvidia video cards. It affects the installation of desktop-live iso. Installation simply does not have time to finish when nouveau crash and freeze desktop environment. Sometimes from 10-15 attempts maybe something will succeed. You should think about optional installation without desktop environment.

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