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#1 Re: Forum Feedback » Why Fie? » 2020-06-07 17:57:35

The "OP" (that's me) wants:

1. To help.

2. To be helped.

Consider the following . . .

All the kids who attend my language school, and their parents, are well aware that I use almost exclusively Linux
in my work (this, at one of my homes, is a Macintosh computer), and I have advised quite a few parents on
"re-tooling" their factories' computers after they finally work out how expensive and time-consuming running
Windows is. I have also set up any number of laptops with Linux for richer kids, charging them so I can buy
2 year old desktops to install Linux on and give out for free for the poorer kids.

This works in terms of propagating Linux.

Now I have gone down the Greek path (MX-Linux) and regretted it.

I am beginning to see that Ubuntu and its derivatives lead to a sort of mental laziness with kids because
they, wrongly, assume it "just works" without any effort on their part. From a pedagogical point of view
that is not a message I want to send out.

So . . . .

#2 Re: Forum Feedback » Why Fie? » 2020-06-07 17:51:18

I have been using varieties of Linux on a wide variety of machines for about 17 years now.

My EFL school here in Bulgaria features 8 machines, none of which is younger than 15 years,
which run 32-bit Xubuntu 18.04 and have been gaily serving my home-grown applications for what is pompously called
"Subject reinforcement and delivery", or, on a cruder level, "Give Richmond a 20 minute break during a 90 minute session so he can have a good glug of coffee."

I deploy other distros on various machines I use for my Summer Programming short courses.

Obviously I started 17 years ago with the type of installer that I saw with Devuan 3, but have come to
expect a graphic 'thang': I suppose I am spoilt.

#3 Re: Forum Feedback » Why Fie? » 2020-06-07 17:45:56

"Seemed more like a rant, than asking for help"

Ha, Ha, Ha; as my wife will tell you: when you see me rant you'll know what a rant really is.  smile

#4 Re: Forum Feedback » Why Fie? » 2020-06-07 17:43:54

"Stick with devuan richmond62, its a good system for us boomers"

I'll just collect a LAN cable from my ever-growing pile of out-dated cr*p when I visit our flat in the town tomorrow.

(currently hiding from viruses with my wife in the Bulgarian mountains).

#5 Re: Forum Feedback » Why Fie? » 2020-06-07 11:21:44

"Ha, ha, these youngsters, need everything spoon fed.....only had to open the menu to set up the wifi...."

Well, I suppose at 58 I might count as a youngster if everyone else hereabouts is 135. smile

"open the menu" would have been jolly nice, except the menu could not find my WiFi at all, which is odd because neither could PureOS
while Ubuntu flavours can.

#6 Re: Forum Feedback » Why Fie? » 2020-06-07 11:19:27

"Bye then."

Far from it; intend to return just as soon as . . .  smile

#7 Re: Forum Feedback » Why Fie? » 2020-06-07 11:18:10

Well, here are 2 spots of constructive criticism:

1. How about offering a graphical installer as an option?

2. How about setting the system up so as soon as it is installed it can detect WiFi?

It all depends on how one phrases things. smile

#8 Forum Feedback » Why Fie? » 2020-06-07 07:06:37

Replies: 32

Honestly . . . seriously cheesed-off.

I installed Devuan on a 64-bit laptop that I had had Xubuntu on for about a year and felt like a change.

1. Ancient installer that looked like a bad DOS knock-off.

2. Took ages.

3. Worked with my WiFi during install.

4. Post install couldn't see my WiFi: "Help" gave me a long-winded recipe
with a LAN cable and terminal commands.

Back to Xubuntu.

I expect a modern OS to have a graphic installer and to be able to detect my WiFi card.

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