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#1 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Release: Virage GNU/Linux: A Devuan-based distro for audio/video works » 2019-09-16 17:20:54

Thank you! smile

Just to inform, I'm working in a Raspberry Pi 3 version of Virage GNU/Linux, of course, based on Devuan too!

Will be available in a few days.

#2 Devuan Derivatives » Release: Virage GNU/Linux: A Devuan-based distro for audio/video works » 2019-09-13 15:33:07

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Hi everyone!

That's my first time on this forums. And I'm happy for that.

I'm Salvador Gómez (aka Wamphyre), from Spain, and I just finished and released my own distro based in Devuan 2.0 ascii, optimized and specialized for audio and video works. Virage GNU/Linux.

Virage GNU/Linux, aims to offer a full-pledged desktop environment for artists and musicians out of the box, you can start your projects inmediatly after the installation.

The set of remarkable media-software bundle in the system are the following:

1 – Chromium Browser
2 – FIlezilla
3 – Bluefish
4 – GIMP
5 – Kdenlive
6 – Ardour 5
7 – LMMS
8 – Audacity
9 – QJackctl
10 – JAMin
11 – Hydrogen (with AVL High-Quality and unprocessed drum kits)
12 – Guitarix (with a large amount of guitar effects installed for all kind of genres, specially Heavy Metal, Black Metal and Death Metal)
13 – Yoshimi (with a full collection of sound banks)
14 – ZynAddSubFX
15 – Tuxguitar
16 – LinVSTConvert (to use Windows VST plugins on Linux)
17 – Wine 4.0 (to make LinVSTConvert works)
18 – Audacious + Audacious plugins
19 – VLC player
20 – Meterbridge
21 – Bleachbit

A complete table with all the default packages installed on Virage GNU/Linux with the reference version used can be downloaded here:

Virage GNU/Linux is only compatible with amd64 machines, in order to obtain the maximum performance of the system.

It comes with 2 editions:

1 - For BIOS machines
2 - For UEFI machines

Both can be downloaded here:

Installation tutorial:

EDIT: I just released an alternative version of Virage GNU/Linux called "Virage GNU/Linux-Libre"

It's the same “Virage GNU/Linux ascii 2.0” release, but has removed ALL privative and non-free software, firmwares and other system blobs and replaces the vanilla Linux 4.9 kernel by Linux-Libre 4.19.59-gnu-rt24 patched with PREEMPT_RT for realtime operations on 64-bit x86 CPUs (libeRTy project)

Virage GNU/Linux-Libre ascii 2.0 is only compatible with amd64 BIOS systems and IS NOT COMPATIBLE with any non-free GPU drivers (as is not compatible with other hardware that require non-free software to work) of course, it works with NOUVEAU/AMDGPU drivers by default

This system runs even faster than the non-Libre version.

More info at:

For further and additional info, just ask me or send me an email to

I hope you like it!


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