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#1 Installation » Devuan mounting remote NFS shares in /etc/fstab BEFORE network is up? » 2020-12-01 06:44:25

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I am running Devuan ASCII, so I am not sure if this is applicable to Beowulf, however I have several local-network NFS mounts in /etc/fstab. While booting, Devuan launches rpcbind and other NFS-related daemons and then apparently tries to mount these filesystems unsucessfully and causing the boot to hang for several minutes, as it would seem the interface configuration from /etc/network/interfaces has not yet come up.

Anyone know why this is? I am unable to pull up the messages and errors because they were displayed during the init run-up at boot, and are apparently no where to be found in /var/log.


#2 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Watchdog timeouts, udev failures, kernel errors when GPU is added » 2019-09-02 05:40:18

FIX: That definitely did the trick, for future reference. Blacklist the default Nvidia 'nouveau' driver in modprobe, successfully boot and then install the latest Nvidia provided ones. Also, the realtek fix was done via the linux-firmware/free/nonfree/realtek firmware packages.

#3 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Watchdog timeouts, udev failures, kernel errors when GPU is added » 2019-09-02 02:53:01

UPDATE: I added the 'nouveau' default nvidia drivers/module to the modprobe blacklist (/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nvidia.conf):

  blacklist nouveau
  options nouveau modeset=0

I also, in order to get rid of the realtek warnings, installed the linux-firmware non free / realtek firmware packages. Whether it was a combination of one or both, the system now boots fine without much fuss. I am going to install the 1070ti specific drivers now for hashcat.

#4 Hardware & System Configuration » Watchdog timeouts, udev failures, kernel errors when GPU is added » 2019-09-02 02:02:58

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I recently added a MSI Duke 1070 ti PCI-e GPU and, consequently, a larger power supply upgrading from 500W to 750W, to my Devuan 2.0 system. Prior to the hardware upgrade everything was rock solid. Now however when booting I get numerous timeouts from watchdog; CPU cores, on-board NIC, and various other devices not responding to udev in time and not being populated; kernel debug / trace printouts of various other failures, and more. I disconnected the GPU from power (but left plugged into PCI-e x16) and everything was fine; however I also booted via USB thumb drive into a live boot of "Slacko" Puppy Linux 64 (slackware based Puppy Linux, w/ kernel 5.1.x I believe) and everything loaded ostensibly without error.

I cannot boot into my Devuan as a result as it never gets past the numerous errors and warnings.

Any ideas what's going on here? If it were interrupts and addresses I'd imagine that Puppy wouldn't be able to boot, and if it were some kind of power issue I'd imagine that Puppy would have similar issues to the Devuan boot as well.


#5 Re: Installation » Disabling or changing size of swap PRIOR to guided install? » 2019-08-26 20:39:18

Indeed NVMe wouldn't work especially on this computer as the (upgraded!) BIOS doesn't support it. This wasn't related to the NVMe though as I tried w/o it, the NVMe indeed won't boot even if I used grub MBR on a USB stick w/ reference to the NVMe. During install it just wouldn't write if I did a manual partition setup. If I did automatic, it installed fully, but then failed when I had crypto enabled. Whether or not grub cares about the line in the config , given its on an unencrypted /boot, didn't seem to matter on Devuan *only* because it failed regardless. Debian 10 and an older Ubuntu did fine when I went to manual configuration and did the exact same steps. So there's something changed I suppose in the install process causing this.

I am thinking about removing all but 8GB of the RAM (a single stick) from the mobo but its 4x 16-core Opterons over 4 nodes, and 2 of the nodes and their memory are hidden under the top board.  It would seem like a good option to provide a way to adjust the size of the swap partition prior to the auto setup, but there's definitely a bug afoot in that Ubuntu, Debian, etc. installs grub without incident when i specify manual mode w/ encryption and not automatic yet Devuan does not.

I was hoping maybe there was an argument I could set to the install process in some way that would allow me to disable or adjust the swap sizing instead of defaulting to whatever the system RAM size is.


#6 Re: Installation » Disabling or changing size of swap PRIOR to guided install? » 2019-08-25 08:44:36

I'm a bit confused- I am using whatever came with the distro, and am doing this during initial installation. The error messages were very particular about the crypto related things but I will give that a try .. are we talking about the same thing? After all the installation should have packages supporting it that get it installed properly correct? Or am I missing something?


Haven't gotten back to trying on D1 as I wanted to try it on Debian - I tried the exact same thing in Debian 10 and, besides grub giving me trouble for not having a valid filesystem and then having a GPT partition table instead of DOS (and failing / refusing for "safety checks" until I fixed that), it installed grub on my manually made encrypted partition scheme. I did the exact same sequence in Devuan but with the result being the failure.



#7 Installation » Disabling or changing size of swap PRIOR to guided install? » 2019-08-25 06:13:03

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I am installing Devuan to a 256GB NVMe drive on a server w/ 256GB of RAM. I often opt to go with the guided install as it makes an encrypted root system easy. However, I was greeted with an error about not being able to use the guided install as the install disk isn't large enough - due to the system choosing the same size swap as amount of RAM in the server, naturally. And, naturally at least as far as I can tell, there is no way to change the size of that swap partition prior to the guided install attempt.

Now, I am still here in the datacenter trying to do a manual install, trying different things, as it's choking during grub installation.

After manually creating my partition which was confusing and not very intuitive - at least in the respect of setting up LVMs for the encrypted filesystem - I got the system to install. At grub installation it fails with a message in the log regarding (paraphrasing, as I've rebooted now and trying other things ) "installing for an encrypted system but blah blah.. make sure GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=y is in the /etc/default/grub config". I tried putting that in /target/etc/default/grub to no avail. Also of note is that I cannot boot off of my PCI-e NVMes with this server and a BIOS upgrade - which also failed earlier leaving me to have to do a BIOS image recovery - did not give the option, so as a result I opt to install grub to a USB thumb drive. However, because of these grub errors, I cannot install the system.

Is the installer not creating the proper configuration for grub when using disk encryption because of something not done during setup? I am creating a physical /boot partition, the 'use for encrypted volume' option on a logical partition, then to Configure encrypted filesystems and create them, THEN to Create Logical Volumes and I create a volume group and a LVM with the 200GB partition in it, and then again in the partition manager assign that as ext4 mounted at '/' as the root. Again the system does install just fine to the disk its that grub for whatever reason is not aware and doesn't do whatever it needs to for the crypto setup?

.. so this is why I normally opt to have it done for me fully guided. So, is there any way to change the amount of swap space that is going to be created PRIOR to the partitioning, disable it, anything? Hard choking without enough disk space because the swap is so darn large is silly and should be put in the trash can along with other kludge like systemd. ;D



#8 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » A X neo-neophyte getting X running on Devuan 2.0... » 2019-08-24 05:23:49

Thank you, going to give this a try. Will be back soon with deets big_smile.

#9 Desktop and Multimedia » A X neo-neophyte getting X running on Devuan 2.0... » 2019-08-23 20:12:14

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First post here, hello everyone. Just wanted to extend my thank you to the developers for their work. I for one believe all systemd processes should be put down with extreme prejudice, and finding that a dedicated team took my favorite distribution and forked it out of the insanity is comforting. That being said I have been running Devuan as a production server in my datacenter on a few boxen for about eight months and have had a pretty positive experience. (Two questions were cross-posted on reddit/r/devuan, plz ignore any double answers if youre annoyed)

My new personal server is pretty beefy and I want to virtualize, but I am using Devuan as the base. (I use VMware on everything else usually) As a result I want a desktop environment instead of a bunch of tmux windows so I will have an easier time with VBox. I haven't setup an X server in a very long time (the last time I ran X on the desktop was circa 1998!), so - is it possible to setup a X environment easily on Devuan that will allow me to connect to the X server remotely?

Preferably with an X client, but I hear things about stuff like NoMachine, XorgXrdp(?) and other VNC-like tech that implement individual desktops instead of one desktop that will be logged in if someone plugged in. I need security and peace of mind-- all access to the server is done over a IPSec VPN to the local network, and only my computer is allowed thru the firewall on the server itself, so an easier road to configuration would be nice.

To my end I installed a buttload of X packages (w/ 'cinnamon' as the WM), changed to allow any user to run X, added my user to tty group, etc. and still when I launch 'startx' I get an error about not being able to access "virtual console 7". IIRC tty7 was a dedicated X window display and that's not what I want necessarily. My desktop needs to preferably be virtual and as much non-root-level as possible (with X that's asking a lot still now a days I assume?).

Thanks in advance


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