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#1 Re: Forum Feedback » How to post? » 2017-09-27 15:08:32


Hello, nice of you to drop by in this thread :-)

Issue... Do you mean something like this?

Or, if you like to open a new thread in the forum, click on "Post new topic" in the upper right area of each sub-forum. The direct link for this Hardware sub-forum is:

#2 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » [SOLVED] Thinkpad X1 Wifi » 2017-09-27 13:56:31


Aye, I know. This goes for both of your points ;-)

#3 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » [SOLVED] Thinkpad X1 Wifi » 2017-09-27 09:02:57


That was pretty much the setup I had on my last laptop (lubuntu), except Audacious. I have now the same on the X1. Pulseaudio gone, ALSA in. As you said, it did not help with the buttons though. I:ll dig into this at a later time. The way it is now is good enough.

#4 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » [SOLVED] Thinkpad X1 Wifi » 2017-09-27 04:11:08


I will look at these later, thank you.

Pulse Audio is what came with Devuan Jessie Netinstall. I you have never used it, what do you use? (assuming you listen to "stuff")

#5 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » [SOLVED] Thinkpad X1 Wifi » 2017-09-27 03:27:27


Thanks everybody for the ongoing support!

golinux wrote:

Don't work how exactly?

There are two buttons. One to mute and one rocker switch to increase decrease the volume. Prior to ascii, when pressing the Mute button it would just do that and the in-built orange LED came on. When pressing up/down volume it did just that and an overlay came up on the screen showing the bar where the volume level was.

All this functionality is not available any more after the upgrade to ascii. Audio as such works, but I have to change the volume by accessing Pulse Audio or whatever slider a program or website offers.

#6 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » [SOLVED] Thinkpad X1 Wifi » 2017-09-26 15:54:04


Marked this as solved, but now I noticed that the audio controls don:t work any more.

#7 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » [SOLVED] Thinkpad X1 Wifi » 2017-09-26 08:26:34


Thanks for your help.

Well, this confused me even more, when I tried to follow the steps on the page above and install a 4.x kernel, apt complained and told me that my linux-base version would need to be downgraded. So I left that exercise alone and Instead upgraded to ascii, which eventually fixed the problem. I had to bring wlan0 up manually and enter it in the wicd preferences.

#8 Hardware & System Configuration » [SOLVED] Thinkpad X1 Wifi » 2017-09-25 16:30:33

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I got Devuan working on a Thinkpad X1, except Wifi. One thing I found here … all&rev=10

With the default kernel (3.16) the computer has several issues. For example, it is not possible to get the WiFi to work (not even after installing the non-free package firmware-iwlwifi). Also, the contrast of the monitor cannot be changed, audio does not work, and the video (both with vlc and youtube for example) is rendered at the wrong speed. This can be fixed installing the backports kernel: [...]

The site goes on about getting a Debian Kernel. Well, it is a Debian site. Somehow I don't think I want to experiment with getting a Debian Kernel, though? Thoughts?

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