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#1 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Strange behaviour with last version of grub » 2021-03-06 17:52:47

I tried with various pc without errors, but this behavior was generated in a pc booted in UEFI mode.
In fact the pc booted in UEFI mode and grub-pc are installed. I removed grub-pc and I installed grub-efi.
I reapplied the procedure again and I have not received any errors.
I am surprised though precedent grub version works.
For me it's solved.
Thank you.

#2 Hardware & System Configuration » Strange behaviour with last version of grub » 2021-03-04 19:46:43

Replies: 5

Yesterday I updated one of my computers with apt-get upgrade. This packages are upgraded:

  • grub-common

  • grub-pc

  • grub-pc-bin

  • grub2-common

dpkg install from version 2.02+dfsg1-20+deb10u3 to version 2.02+dfsg1-20+deb10u4

2.02+dfsg1-20+deb10u4 seems came from to: beowulf-security/main

2.02+dfsg1-20+deb10u3 is in: beowulf/main

Upgrading system does not produce or show any problems and then I halt the system.

I use Devuan Beowulf for all my pc. In this computer there is only 1 hd, partition type gpt, 3 partitions:

  • /dev/sda1  EFI System

  • /dev/sda2  Linux filesystem

  • /dev/sda3  Linux swap

I switched on the pc later and grub rescue appears. WTF?

I solved (temporarily) the problems with:

set prefix=(hd0,gpt2)/boot/grub
set root=(hd0,gpt2)
insmod normal

and grub menù appears.

Login with root, and then update-grub... grub-install... and so on...

Restart the system. Grub rescue. Then login with root. New tests. Grub rescue again. [N times?]

At the end I downgrade from 2.02+dfsg1-20+deb10u4 to 2.02+dfsg1-20+deb10u3 the upgraded package.

update-grub and grub-install. Reboot. Grub works!

I am currently reluctant to upgrade again.

And now the question. Has anyone reported the error in Devuan? Has anyone haved this problem?

#3 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Startech firewire card » 2020-09-04 20:29:49

I bought a firewire card with VIA VT6308P chipset. Works very well.

#4 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Startech firewire card » 2020-08-27 17:59:19 seems to have high spedition cost (I live in Italy) and I cannot afford this.
For those who are reading this thread I'll let you know when I'll buy new firewire card.

#5 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Startech firewire card » 2020-08-27 14:19:20

I think this is a few card incompatible with linux.
Altoid user suggest me a linux compatible card.
Can you suggest me a series of firewire card that work well with devuan? Or someone who has tried a few?

#6 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Startech firewire card » 2020-08-25 20:59:40

It's possible that kernel doesn't have firewire1394 support? I need to build kernel with firewire1394 driver enabled?

#7 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Startech firewire card » 2020-08-25 19:06:39

I read another link: … V2_QSG.pdf
and startech says to offer Linux Ubuntu.
I can't find any other information.

#9 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Startech firewire card » 2020-08-19 19:53:26

Seller wrote me that Startech firewire card seems recognized in Windows. Can you help me?

#10 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Startech firewire card » 2020-08-16 13:54:05

It does not seem to be present. It's as if it didn't exist. I have not found info on that card. I will write seller if there is an hardware problem and Startech to understand if there is a (form of) linux support.

#11 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Startech firewire card » 2020-08-15 12:46:51

In the previous thread beowulf-backports kernel help me to grant KMS framebuffer (I installed kernel 5.6).
But also installing beowulf-backports kernel and multimedia-firewire don't help me.
Firewire card seems that it does not exist.

I tried with:

modprobe firewire-ohci

but with no result.

Device /dev/fw was not created.

#12 Hardware & System Configuration » Startech firewire card » 2020-08-14 17:08:46

Replies: 16

I bought a new pc with Startech firewire card: … asheet.pdf

but i don't know if it is supported.

#15 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Amd Radeon RX 5600 XT » 2020-08-11 14:43:10

Thanks for the reply, but if I install this package in the system I risk of breaking the system?

#16 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Amd Radeon RX 5600 XT » 2020-08-09 17:46:19

I try copy files in /lib/firmware/amdgpu/ and rebuild the initramfs but doesn't work. "Ceres" support KMS for this graphics card. However I cannot install a unstable distro in my pc.

#17 Hardware & System Configuration » Amd Radeon RX 5600 XT » 2020-08-09 12:36:50

Replies: 8

I have a new pc with AMD RADEON RX 5600 XT graphics card.
I installed Beowulf but don't support KMS (Kernel Mode Setting).
Should I install a new driver or Beowulf linux kernel is old for this graphics card?

#18 DIY » Making de(bi|vu)an packages » 2020-08-03 13:24:39

Replies: 1

Hi folks,
I'm going to make various packages for Devuan but only for my arch machine.
I have read Devuan Git Migration in the mailing list from Github to Gitea but I don't found how to do to make automatically packages for all architecture with CI infrastructure in Devuan.

#19 DIY » IFJ - Init Freedom inJector » 2019-12-25 11:33:16

Replies: 0

Inject init diversity in a single package.

For those interested IFJ is in

I donate my config file/init script that work with ifj in:

I ask you if anyone is interested in being able to contribute as my time is
very limited and bursty.

#20 DIY » Very large console fonts » 2019-07-02 18:30:27

Replies: 0

I have not found very large console fonts.
Using tools for edit console font I can enlarge font 8x16 up to 16x32 with the framebuffer.
But if I want a very large console fonts 32x64 or 64x128 and so on I obtain an error: "incorrect height".
It is possibile to have a very large console fonts in pure linux console (with fbterm is very simple)?

#21 DIY » Runit service depend another script not daemon » 2019-07-02 18:28:56

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I'm not an expert of Runit and I want ask you how make a service depend another script not daemon.
For example if I have a service that needs another service:

cat /etc/service/my_service/run
sv start service_required || exit 1
exec my_service

But if "service_required" is not a daemon?

For example run ssh daemon is required bring a network interface up.
Bring a network interface up is accomplished from a simple/very few command/s such as ifup and friend.
ifup execute and terminate, and execute again forever.

I have found a ugly solution. Declare "sv once not-daemon" in the script.
Or a very ugly solution: while true; do; read VAR; done and a trap on TERM signal that execute final command
(for example ifdown -a at exit).

Browsing around seems distro put it in stage 1. It's the cleanest solution... but how to do if I want intersperse
daemon and not daemon and define for example a cascade of dependencies like this:
service1 (daemon) depends script (not daemon) depends service2 (daemon)?

#22 DIY » AX - Run X server with WM/DE specified in the command line » 2018-10-07 09:48:02

Replies: 0

For those like me who love to start in command line mode and if necessary run Xorg.

I like change WM/DE very often. I like lxde and openbox but I used gnome2 (in the past) and I use rarely kde and play with other WM/DE. Change .xinitrc is easy but not immediate and I developed several years ago a personal shell script. So when I want run lxde:

ax lxde

when I want run openbox:

ax openbox

... and so on.
Almost a year ago I rewrite this shell script to be suitable for distribution, I will be happy if it may be useful for someone:

Execute: ax [your_favorite_wmde]
for example:
ax lxde
ax kde
ax without parameters run last WM/DE or the default.

ax understands WM/DE reading $ETCPREFIX/etc/ax/client
(for me $ETCPREFIX is /usr/local).
"client" file has a very simple syntax:

for example:


I use everyday and works well but it is my personal case and it needs more tests.

Someone is interested in trying it out?

#23 Re: Intergalactic Communities » Italian Speaking Forum » 2018-10-02 21:20:42

Credo che una mailing list richieda molto meno impegno di un forum anche se la maggior parte degli utenti è stata abituata al web.
(No problem, Italian is my native language but I read and understand marginally two other languages besides English and moreover my English is "very ugly" and mostly "translated web").

#24 Re: Intergalactic Communities » Italian Speaking Forum » 2018-10-02 14:51:48

Si, improvvisamente il forum è scomparso senza nessun avviso sullo stesso e solo dopo la chiusura ho trovato l'annuncio su questo forum.
Vediamo prima di tutto se ci sono un gruppo di persone sufficientemente interessate.

#25 Re: Intergalactic Communities » Italian Speaking Forum » 2018-10-02 14:05:56

Si è vero, sono stato iscritto al forum italiano, purtroppo non si è iscritto quasi nessuno ed il forum stato cancellato. A mio parere cancellarlo è stata una scelta affrettata. Sicuramente sarebbe stato meglio avvisare i pochi iscritti a quel forum... tuttavia adesso potrebbe essere una buona occasione per vedere se le cose sono cambiate ed esiste una piccola base di utenti interessata. Se siete interessati potete rispondere qui sotto. Io in particolare sono interessato principalmente ad una mailing list piuttosto che ad un forum ma va benissimo anche un forum in lingua italiana.

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