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#3 Re: Documentation » Live-build tips » 2017-07-08 10:32:02

Ozi wrote:

.... given the live-sdk is the future?

Is it a given?  Why/why not?  What will become of live-build and its existing applications/users?  Is there a migration path?

What are the alternatives?  (Linux Live, Remastersys, ...)

Please discuss.  Rationally, if you can, please, ladies and gentlemen.  If this has been covered elsewhere (I did look) a pointer will suffice.

Suggested topics:

Pros and cons: stability, maintenance/maintainability, features/extensibility, ease of use/documentation/support, resources, licensing, user base, ...

#4 Re: Documentation » Devuan Documentation (structural draft) » 2017-07-08 09:53:14


laptop3:~$ >>> wget … n_doc:root
--2017-07-08 10:51:26-- … n_doc:root
Resolving ( failed: Name or service not known.
wget: unable to resolve host address ‘’

#5 Re: Documentation » Make a live-CD with live-sdk » 2017-07-07 07:29:21

Ozi wrote:
Ged wrote:

Is there some doc somewhere explaining your use of _MIRROR_BINARY?

_MIRROR_BINARY is from my live-build setups.

Ah, my mistake. I took your "live-build" to mean "live-sdk".

... for live-sdk the url for apt-cacher would be something like : "http://localhost:3142/" which would go in libdevuansdk config.

Sure, as per my post that's more or less what I'm doing with live-sdk.


In your reply to pcalvert you wrote

... apt-cacher-ng takes a little work to configure it to work for devuan. It doesn't by default come with config for devuan.

That makes me nervous that I might have missed something.  Do you mind posting a complete Devuan apt config?

#6 Re: Documentation » Make a live-CD with live-sdk » 2017-07-06 08:27:45

Ozi wrote:

I use apt-cacher as well. Been using it for live-build for some years.


Hi Ozi, thanks for the tip, but I think I'm missing something...

laptop3:~/live-sdk$ > grep -r MIRROR_BINARY
laptop3:~/live-sdk$ > 

To use my local cache I set


in live-sdk/lib/libdevuansdk/config

Is there some doc somewhere explaining your use of _MIRROR_BINARY?

#7 Re: Documentation » Make a live-CD with live-sdk » 2017-07-01 22:10:30


yeah, I did all that.  It offers to boot on the stick and then doesn't.

Don't worry, I'll work something out thanks.

#8 Re: Documentation » Make a live-CD with live-sdk » 2017-07-01 20:59:58


Hmmmm.... I did image the stick as normal.  When I try to boot from it the machine just boots from the hard drive, like the stick wasn't there, but I can mount the USB stick partition after the machine has booted from the HDD.  The same machine boots fine from the same image on a CD.

Well as long as I know it's supposed to boot I can investigate why it isn't working.  It might be something weird with the machine's firmware or something.  I'll let you know what I find.  Thanks again for the help.

#9 Re: Documentation » Make a live-CD with live-sdk » 2017-07-01 19:49:24


Hello again,

modifying the debootstrap command only affected the package sources for stage 1, so in the end I modified the value of 'mirror' in lib/libdevuansdk/config (which means that source.list gets the same value so I'll need to fix that up near the end of the build).  I've burned a CD and it boots and lets me log in OK, so more or less everything seems to be working.  Now I need to think a bit more about the packages I need to install.

The image doesn't seem to be bootable directly from a USB stick, just wondering if there's an easy way to achieve that?

#10 Re: Documentation » Make a live-CD with live-sdk » 2017-06-29 13:38:28


Hello and thanks for the reply.

I'll take a look at that debootstrap command but it isn't a local mirror, it's a caching proxy which uses apt-cacher-ng.
Not sure I'd want to set up a full mirror just for this.

(Yeah, it took me a while to find isohdpfx.bin. smile

#11 Re: Documentation » Make a live-CD with live-sdk » 2017-06-28 14:48:08


Very many thanks for this excellent article.

Note on prerequisites:
In addition to those mentioned in the article I *think* I found that I had to install the 'isolinux' package to get the build to complete without complaining that isohdpfx.bin was missing from /usr/lib/ISOLINUX/ - although in fact it appeared to be there...

Would it be safe to use our on-site caching proxy server for the archive repository?  It would make building from scratch a great deal quicker and I seem to be doing that quite a lot at the moment.

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