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#1 Re: Installation » alternatives to Mozilla's and Chomethings » 2022-02-26 02:44:20

There are a number of attempts to deal with this problem.  From Degoogled Chromium, to Waterfox and many others.  Perhaps you might want Brave?  Or Pale Moon or Sea Monkey?  Good luck on your search for browser perfection.  Google is threatening big changes that may be a problem for lots of people early in 2023.
Killing a lot of popular extensions.  DuckDuckGo is promising a new browser so we will probably soon have more choices.

#2 Re: Off-topic » ssd failure » 2022-02-25 20:21:36

I was running Mageia on a hard disk.  That hard disk crashed.  I had downloaded the new Chimaera 4.0.  Loaded that on another hard disk.  That crashed.  I am running in crippled mode.  A trip to the hospital put all on hold.  But I have a new Crucial 1 TB SSD coming.  If it stores data, it eventually dies.  I have a monstrous big case with 10 5 1/4" bays and I use carts so, I will be transitioning away from hard disks.  Get used to SSDs dying suddenly.  That is the way of the SSD tribe.  Running OSs from a SSD is hard on SSDs.  Since a 500 GB Crucial SSD with a 5 year warranty is only $60, I will do that.  I will put /home et al on the 1 TB, and set up another 500 TB SSD for timeshift and saving daily driver VM images. All SSDs are ephemeral and you have to expect that and work with the problem. When your OS boot SSD eventually starts dying, replace it with a new cheap but quality SSD and copy backups over, update GRUB and continue on.

In the bad old days of 80 GB hard drives, I used to have problems from time to time, but usually got a lot more out of a hard disk with fsck -c- -c -y, a deep bad block check that did wonders.  But that was an all night affair.  It will take 2 weeks or more to do a 2 TB hard disk that way.

Life is hard and you better have good backups.

#3 Forum Feedback » Connection not secure » 2022-01-03 00:02:52

Cheerful Charlie
Replies: 2

I notice when I log onto this forum I am warned the connection to Dev1 Galaxy is not secure. Is this forum not using https? Can this be fixed? Using the latest Firefox.

#4 Re: Installation » Start KDE 5 from command line » 2022-01-02 23:30:38

Apt-get reinstall task-kde-desktop ran but nothing has changed.  So it looks like a reinstall may be the best way out.  #@##!!!

#5 Re: Installation » Start KDE 5 from command line » 2022-01-02 21:55:19

I did in fact tasksel for KDE only.  This is when I got hosed.  I tried again just now. No joy.  I tried apt-get update task-kde-desktop.  Still nothing. I am now running in xfce as root the only way I can load a browser and get online. Tried upgrading pam, apt-get cannot find package.

#6 Re: Installation » Start KDE 5 from command line » 2022-01-02 17:43:37

Tried an apt-get upgrade sddm.  Still nada.
Afraid to try upgrade silm.

#7 Re: Installation » Start KDE 5 from command line » 2022-01-02 17:31:12

From var.log

Slim: consolekit: open_session
unable to open session
the name org.freedesktop.consolekit was not prvided by any .service files.
slim falling back to PAN session.

This I starts as root from /usr/bin slim.  It runs until I have entered my password and hit enter and crashes.

Again, as root from /usr/bin/
login interface found
signal received SIGTERM
signal received SIGTERM

.Xauthority not found in /home/user/.  Yes, that does exist.I am stumped.  I can log into xface as root, not as a user.  KDE not at all.

#8 Re: Installation » Start KDE 5 from command line » 2022-01-02 16:19:29

Nope.  I did this and it hosed my system.  I can no longer as a user startx at all.  I can log in as root and start xfce.  But the browsers I was using there are no longer working.  I had to load FireFox.  And still no way that I know of the start KDE.  This was not a good answer.  When I try to log in and startx as a user, I now get a waiting for x server to shut down message and then a cannot connect to x server error message.

#9 Installation » Start KDE 5 from command line » 2022-01-02 13:31:38

Cheerful Charlie
Replies: 7

I installed Devuan 4 and it gave me Xfce.  I then installed KDE plasma from Synaptic.  Shutting down and booting back after configuring KDE up I am booted into Xfce.  Trying to start Plasma from the cli has not worked. What is the canonical way to do this in Devuan?  Googling has buried me in nonsense, none of which has worked.  Most attempts to google this have gotten me "How To Install KDE".

Any help will be much appreciated. Are there any Devuan - KDE gurus here?

#10 Re: Installation » New Chimaera install /home Problem » 2021-12-19 15:58:31

Thanks for the clues.  Ny daily driver hard disk seemed to have cratered.  It was an old install anyway. I had just partitioned two new hard disks, and I have been backing up home to 2 ssds.  So I have saved /homes up to date in spades.

It looks like I may have to do the right thing and set up a fstab entry for my /home on this hard disk I am booting from.  And set my users to make sure it boots from that.

Next to do is purge Devuan of the /home it has in my Devuan partition and make it stop trying to mount it at all.  I was hoping the installer would be more straight forward in allowing setting the proper home directory to use.  Should perhaps that ,ight be a propoer bug report? Just before the crash, I was trying to understand udev rules.

And now back to fighting setting up Plasma and browsers and getting synaptic working.  Amazingly, to install VLC it wants to rip out my newly installed Vivaldi browser.  I need a beer.

#11 Installation » New Chimaera install /home Problem » 2021-12-19 02:31:05

Cheerful Charlie
Replies: 3

I just struggled through an Devuan Chimaera install and managed to get it running.  This is on a 2 Tb hard disk.  I had copied my large /home directory over to this hard disk,  However the Devuan istall seems to hane it's own /home in the root directory.  My fstab does not seem to show that.  How do I go about setting up Devuan to use my preferred  /home directory and tell it not to look to the newly installed .home directory?  I installed to a 57 GB directory (which fits on a 64 GB flash drive).  From the file manager under Xface I can see and mount the desired /home directory so it is good to go.

Debian - Devuan is an alien system to me.

#12 Installation » Post Install House Keeping » 2018-06-07 23:33:17

Cheerful Charlie
Replies: 5

For those of us not familiar with the Debian way of doing things, or Devuan for that matter, is there a list somewhere of things that need to be done post install of Devuan?  A checklist to guide one along as painless a process of getting up and running as possible?  Basic house keeping that needs doing?  I so far don't see such a thing.  It would probably go a long way to increasing Devuan's popularity long term if such a reassuring post install guide existed.  A guide for newbies or even for those who simply want to read the list and speed ahead to get it all done right.

My own list of things to do is getting long and chaotic, and I keep having a sneaking suspicion I am missing stuff.

Cheerful Charlie

#13 Re: Devuan » Simples Dunnos » 2018-02-14 10:48:17

Try PCLinuxOS.  It has it's root in Mandriva.  No systemd.

#14 Re: Installation » Palemoon a browser that doesn't convince! » 2018-02-14 10:39:36

I have been using Mageia 5.0 up to date.  I installed Pepper Flash and it has worked well using older versions of Opera and Firefox. Pepper Flash is a Google product and is non-free.

#15 Desktop and Multimedia » KDE 4.X install on Devuan » 2018-02-14 10:25:19

Cheerful Charlie
Replies: 1

I am about to install Devuan Jessie 1.0.  I have been using KDE 4.13 and rather like it.  I am not a fan of KDE plasma (KDE 5.X).  How easy is it to install KDE 4 on Devuan?  Supposedly it will be supported until 2019.  Are there any special hoops I will have to jump through to install KDE 4.13?  If I manage that, I suspect I might need to mask KDE 5.X stuff to prevent update breaking my KDE install.  Any known gotchyas here?  Many thanks in advance.  Once I get things up and running, I will install Virtual Box and try a separate install using Enlightenment.  Enlightenment is up to .22.1.  Is anybody here using that?  Anything that I should take into consideration with doing that on Devuan?  The Enlightenment developers are moving towards using Wayland.   How is Devuan dealing with Wayland?

#16 Hardware & System Configuration » AMD Radeon driver » 2017-03-18 22:31:35

Cheerful Charlie
Replies: 3

I have a Radeon 6670 GPU.  I want to install the AM catalyst drivers.  The online how-tos are for Debian.  What changes in that should i make if needed to accommodate Devuan in this regard?  The reason I want to do this is because I had a lot of trouble with the open source version under Mageia 5.0 and all that went away when I installed the proprietary drivers.

Cheerful Charlie

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