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#1 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-06-02 05:05:43

Well...I somehow managed to kill the monster. tongue  Not sure what I

I installed the improved fork of MonsterWM called FrankenWM! It's fantastic so far. It has a lot more functionality out of the box than Monster.

My default desktop with xmobar...


Here are several items opened (in one of the many layouts that are provided), and pmenu opened up for a graphical menu. smile


#2 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-06-02 04:59:32

darry1966 wrote:

Hi Miyo,

As I said originally this was a Puppy/Debian Dog app but there is if follow the thread a tar.gz to unzip and use.  Requires xdotool, mplayer, Conky and ffmpeg and yad. … 5&t=112858

Great! Thank you! I'll check it out later today!

#3 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-06-02 00:03:16

darry1966 wrote:

@Miyo using your Buster JWM version - very nice.  Have added Firefox, Audacious, Gtkam, VLC, mtpaint and yradio - a Puppy yad app for streaming radio.  Any way thank you.

Thank you darry!

Hey...that yradio sounds interesting! I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

#5 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-06-01 05:04:51

MiyoLinux wrote:

Yeah...I had trouble trying to get it installed on beowulf...

It helps to have libx11-dev installed...  tongue

#6 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-05-31 21:22:13

HevyDevy wrote:

@ Miyo, cheers bud, will have to try out that monsterwm.

bspwm is good no doubt about that, i think im just too accustomed to dwm though.

yeah that "but then" nine years of no updates is a bit concerning. If i had the skills i would give it a good go, but im just a user and abuser wink

It's old indeed...but still works. big_smile

Yeah...I had trouble trying to get it installed on beowulf, but it installed with no issues on ascii. So I just copied the files over from my ascii installation to beowulf...and BAM...monsterwm on beowulf! LOL! tongue

I could see it being my favorite tiling window manager...however, my "but then" had to do with trying to get a few items to autostart. I've tried all different methods that I can think of to get items to autostart...without success. If I can ever figure it out, it will be my preferred tiler. wink

Thanks for the back-and-forth between us...I've really enjoyed it. smile

#7 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-05-30 21:30:39

@HevyDevy   Looks like an interesting project!

After trying several different tiling window managers, bspwm may be my favorite.

Here's one for you! Less than 700 lines of code...has tiling, floating, and monocle settings for configuration file and really easy to use out of the box...use your panel of choice...

but then...   yikes

#8 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-05-30 05:15:12

HevyDevy wrote:

bspwm over beowulf.

Not sure how I missed your screenshots! Here's my bspwm on beowulf. smile

Default Desktop...bspwm with the tint2 panel (not a fan of polybar) LOL! tongue


In the screenshot: nnn file manager, audacious music player, and neofetch in the sakura terminal.


#9 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] Update on the Update Notifier » 2020-05-28 08:53:04

There are new versions of the update notifier now available if anyone is interested. There are still 3 versions available.

What has changed?

The update notifier now checks for updates within the first few minutes at system startup. It will then check for updates once every 8 hours thereafter. Since Devuan is mainly meant to be a stable system, I believe that since people leave their computers on for different amounts of check at system startup and once every 8 hours thereafter was a good compromise. The update notifier will not work on Ceres thanks to Debian removing pertinent packages...back to the drawing board on future versions! tongue

If you decide to install this, please read the readme.txt file on Sourceforge for valuable information. … -Notifier/

#10 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Can live isos be burned to optical media? » 2020-05-20 18:59:24

fsmithred wrote:

I'm seeing this problem on isohybrid-imaged usb. Anyone else experimenting with beowulf-based isos? C'mon guys, I need feedback. And help.

I'm sorry fsr, but I won't be much help.

On my builds, I install xorg (with recommends) and just take what that gives me. I don't add any special packages in addition to that, and USB mice and keyboards always work on my testing machines and the person's computer who helps me test the builds (when booting a live isohybrid image on a USB).

#11 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-05-19 21:57:33

No...I'm glad you mentioned it. I didn't know about the issue until now. I'll probably go back to using Wicd from now on.

Regarding autostart...there are also items in /etc/xdg/autostart/ that automatically start up, but some window managers don't recognize all of them (or any of them).

If you ever decide to upgrade it, the upgrade went fine with the steps I gave. However, it lost the custom backgrounds for grub and lightdm. They both were replaced with the new Devuan cinnabar backgrounds from beowulf. I was still including desktop-base back then.

Although...this exchange between us has kind of piqued my interest in building a beowulf version of Miyo-XTRA.  smile tongue

#12 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-05-19 17:37:22

Oh dear...this is the first report I've had of issues with CMST/connman in MiyoLinux, but after looking online, it appears to be a definite issue with connman in Debian buster based systems...which means Devuan beowulf too.

It appears that installing a different network manager (namely WICD) seems to solve the problem for most people. I don't remember what I had installed on far as if I was still using WICD back then or if I had moved to CMST. There are actually 3 versions of Miyo-XTRA. yikes  One from 2017, and 2 from 2018. I would imagine I was still including WICD back then.

As much as I like CMST, your report (combined with what I've found online) has made me question the continued inclusion of it.

Yes, you should be able to upgrade MiyoLinux from ascii to beowulf without any issues...some of the steps in the following link won't apply to MiyoLinux (like xscreensaver), but it won't hurt anything to include them. … owulf.html

In past upgrades from ascii to beowulf, all that I did was...

1. Update and upgrade the current ascii system
2. Change sources.list
3. Run and update
4. Run a dist-upgrade
5. After the dist-upgrade, run an apt autoremove.

...and everything went fine. However, it has been a good while since I've done one. So, before you upgrade it to beowulf, let me install Miyo-XTRA ascii and upgrade it to beowulf to make sure it goes well. I'll report back.

#13 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-05-18 09:43:25

Tobyb1906 wrote:

Thanks for your replies Miyo it is greatly appreciated.

Yes Panther launcher, the only issue I had was it was a little laggy opening it up, the issue didn't appear to be machine or distro specific, but it was not so bad that I couldn't live with it. Tho I did try a live version of elementaryos and the issue doesn't exist.
I'd encourage you to include it in some of your work. No or not many distros have it that I know of, it's good to be different.

The pleasure is mine. smile

I backed away from using the Panther launcher, because the developer ended the project. It still works now, but I don't know how much longer. Kind of like the miyolinux update still works on beowulf, but it no longer works on ceres. Some of the packages needed for it are no longer available in ceres now (thanks Debian). tongue

I've toyed with the idea of forking the Panther launcher, but I haven't made my mind up yet.

Incidentally have you considered doing a Miyolinux with cinnamon? I tried the Porteus version with cinnamon and it ran amazingly lite for cinnamon, I have other issues with porteus which put me off, reasons which became exacerbated after finding miyolinux.

No sir...I wouldn't know where to start. I mainly only deal with window managers. I did step out into the dark-side and make an LXQt version, but that's because of my familiarity with LXDE and because no one else (that I'm aware of) has produced an LXQt respin of Devuan. I don't have a lot of experience with desktop environments.

I have old hardware. My best computer only has 2 CPU and 4 GBs of RAM. I know I could run a DE on it, but I'm so used to window managers now, that's what I want to stick with. I was kind of forced into using window managers because of our computers being so low-end. I think most people got turned on to Openbox by CrunchBang. I came along too late for that. I was turned on to Openbox by the now defunct Semplice. Since discovering Semplice many years ago, I haven't even wanted to use a desktop environment. wink

But I wouldn't know how to edit my autostart file or even where to find it.,  so have had to make do with what I do know how to do, but editing the autostart file sounds like a lot more elegant solution than my way, so that would be interesting....Google is my friend...... even tho I am guessing you set miyolinux pretty minimal I'd still like to switch off networking at least for the time being at start up on the media player I am planning for my kids.

Each window manager handles their autostarts a little differently...and some developers who produce .isos go even further and handle autostarts differently. In MiyoLinux (with Openbox), the autostart file is found in /home/your-username/.config/openbox/

There's also a link in the menu for it.

...or you can open the terminal, and enter...

leafpad ~/.config/openbox/autostart


LOL! big_smile  If you find it, look it over. I think you'll get the hang of what's going on with it. wink   But if you need any help, just send me a message.

Hope you don't mind me asking, but why do you do a separate menu entry for "pcmanfm as root" rather than just having "open as root" as a right click option in pcmanfm?

Because...when you install MiyoLinux, you get what MiyoLinux likes. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! tongue   Sorry...couldn't resist. In all seriousness, I prefer having the whole file manager open as root instead of navigating to a certain folder, clicking a button, etc.  It's just faster to me...but that's me.

I'm pretty sure it's still possible to do that though...

Thanks for all of the kind words and support! Take care!

#14 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-05-16 23:56:05

Tobyb1906 wrote:

Cheers Miyo for the heads up about XFCE panel. I'll look into it next week.
If it's as easy as you say I'll be fine but think maybe an update version from yourself with whisker menu might be good.
I also have had a forked version of the Pantheon menu from elementaryos running sussefully in ASCII devuan, miyolinux extra and mint via the xfce panel which looks really cool but I haven't tried editing content yet. Pantheon menu does not pull any other dependencies. I got zorin menu kinda working too but needs more playing with, and can't recall if it uses any dodge dependencies, I don't think so though

Miyolinux in this case should make an excellent basic media player from an old netbook. It will not be net capable initially at least, just for playback of photo, audio and video, nothing else. I figure no point putting a media centre front end on as I'm not to fussed about covers and additional metadata, plus as it would have regular changes of usb media I wouldn't want it wasting time updating metadata catalogues.

So I'll run it as light as possible, minimal background services running. I am not really savvy using anything but basic terminal commands, so I'll probably install xfce-sessions to disable a few start up bits. Though I am yet to source xfce-sessions that doesn't require larger amounts of other xfce components.
Any other recomendations?

I figure if I can get Mint 19 with all its bloat running on 250mb with net capability. (Pantheon menu adds an additional 30mb of memory's usage at idle). Miyolinux I guess can be got down to 175-150mb..ish....maybe less. That said I have a mock up of Beowulf that now looks the same as my older Mint install not stock theme or icons and include the tools from mint I find useful without the guff.
It's a bit of an obsession of mine, running as little as possible in the background.....throw back to my windows days I think.

Are you speaking of the Panther Launcher that was forked from Pantheon? I contemplated including it in this release.

As far as recommendations...sounds like you're more knowledgeable about cutting out services than me. LOL! tongue   I'm more basic in what I let run on my personal systems. Such as, I don't need a power manager taking up resources, so I just add some xset commands to my autostart file to keep the screen from turning off. Just stuff like that.

You shouldn't have any trouble getting the memory below your goal. It will differ on different computers, but on test installations of the 64 bit version, out of the box, this release boots up around +/-180 MBs of RAM on my laptop and +/- 160 on my old desktop.

#15 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-05-16 03:53:41

Tobyb1906 wrote:

Are there ou planning to breath new life into the Miyo  EXTRA series?

They're my personal favourite because I find XFCE easiest to mod and ....make it my own!! smile

Hey Tobyb1906...not sure why I didn't think of this earlier, but the script that provides the Panel Mode Chooser in Miyo-Modern is the same one that I used in just doesn't include the LXDE panel like Miyo-XTRA did. big_smile tongue  Miyo-Modern has the tint2 panel and Xfce4-panel.

On Miyo-Modern, if you click the gear icon on the panel, that will open the Panel Mode Chooser. If you then click "Fashion Mode", that's the Xfce4 panel. Out of the box, it's made to look more like a dock than a panel. You can set it to go the entire width of the screen if you want...and since it's the Xfce4-panel, you can add any of the Xfce4-panel plugins to it...whisker menu, weather, etc. wink

If that interests you, you can replace the launcher for the Openbox menu with the whisker menu. wink  Also, if you'd like, I'll be glad to help you set the buttons in the whisker menu that open the "Settings", Exit Menu, etc.

#16 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-05-16 00:37:16

An updated version of Miyo-Modern (based on beowulf) is now available in 32 bit (non-pae), 64 bit BIOS, and 64 bit UEFI versions.

Download link at the bottom if anyone is interested. smile

Miyo-Modern Release Notes (Condensed)

MiyoLinux was made so that users could have a minimal and base system on which to add the software and applications that they choose. Miyo is simply an acronym for "make it your own". The web browser, office suite, music player, video player, etc. is left up to the user to decide what they want on their system.

Miyo-Modern was built to provide users with a modern-looking desktop. As such, I chose to give the system a "Deepin-like" look. Please be aware...Miyo-Modern is still using Openbox as the Window Manager; therefore, there are no actual Deepin applications nor components of the Deepin Desktop Environment. It's simply Openbox that has been given a look and feel that is similar to Deepin...



PLEASE NOTE: The i686 version is using the non-pae kernel. If a user needs the pae kernel, it can easily be installed.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no VirtualBox Guest Additions preinstalled in MiyoLinux. See the note below for 2 methods of how to gain a better screen resolution.


2. MiyoLinux Extras
3. Sound Effects
4. Volume Icon
5. Miyo Accessories
6. Number Lock
7. How to activate the firewall with UFW
8. MiyoLinux Update Notifier
9. Hibernate
10. Screenshots
11. Panel Mode Chooser
12. Suru-Deepin Icons
13. Miyofetch
14. No Conky / Conky Entries in the Menu / Keyboard Shortcuts
15. Wallpapers / Wallpaper Changer
16. Miscellaneous Notes

Feel free to download the full Release Notes for more detail.


**VirtualBox Resolution**

Option 1: Put the virtualbox window in full-screen, then log out and log back in. The live username and password are both --> miyo

Option 2: Open the terminal, and enter the following command


That will list the available resolutions. Choose the one that you want to use, and then enter the following command with the resolution you want to use (I'll use 1366x768 as an example)...

xrandr -s 1366x768

The software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement. In no event shall the authors or copyright holders be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use or other dealings in the software.

Default desktop...


...and introduces a new application called "MiyoLinux-Extras" which will allow a user to quickly choose from (and install) some commonly used applications if desired...


Available for download here... … ox/Modern/

#17 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-05-16 00:27:33

Tobyb1906 wrote:

Hey Miyo

I had a play with the latest miyo modern.
Your usual very high standard, and so fast, very cool. Many thanks again for everything you do.

Now I am just waiting for the usual troll to pop up again and say miyo is dead garbage. :lol:lol:lol:

Are there ou planning to breath new life into the Miyo  EXTRA series?

They're my personal favourite because I find XFCE easiest to mod and ....make it my own!! smile

You beat me to the punch! Hahaha! I was just coming in to announce the release of Miyo-Modern. smile

As far as the Miyo-Extra be honest, I haven't decided whether to make an updated version of it or not, but I'll let you know if I decide to. smile 

Thank you Tobyb1906!

#18 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-05-14 21:43:10

9x9x wrote:

nice work!
works really good, but better without connman, network-manager have more possibilities.
one thing, can you fork beowulf xfce with network-manager and network-manager-pptp instead of wicd?
also another request, miyo i3 based on beowulf with i3blocks ready and network-manager and network-manager-pptp.


Thank you. I use CMST for networking, because it's lighter. Plus, I like giving a less-known application a little bit of love. smile

There's already a beowulf miyo-i3. wink  The .iso is a little old, but it upgrades without any issues (as of 2 weeks ago when I last checked). Well...there is one issue...part of the customized login screen will get replaced when you update. I know a way around it If you're interested. … 3/beowulf/

Thanks again.

#19 Re: Off-topic » Music » 2020-05-09 09:52:36

Buckethead: BooBoo Got His Black belt

#20 Re: Off-topic » Install Devuan Beowulf in Windows 10 WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) » 2020-05-02 03:30:01

Thanks nixer! I had someone asking me for help with this a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't have a clue where to even start. Thanks for posting this and giving me something to point him to!

#21 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] miyofetch » 2020-04-22 18:59:11

Thanks HoaS. Yeah...seems like I always find a better way for something I've done after I've already done it...whether it's through advice from others (like you) or discovering something I missed myself. tongue


#22 Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] miyofetch » 2020-04-22 03:34:29

Replies: 2

If any MiyoLInux users are interested (if there are any MiyoLinux users besides me...  tongue  LOLOLOLOL!!! )...

...miyofetch is now available for beowulf releases. Click the image to enlarge it.


miyofetch is a utility similar to neofetch and screenfetch; however, it is made specifically for MiyoLinux.

Here is a link to a slide show showing how it looks in all of the various colors...

Light Blue is the default color that is used in the script that's available for download. If you want to use different colors, you will need to edit the script; however, all of the colors are declared in the script, so it's just a matter of replacing a few numbers.

To use miyofetch...

Place the script in /usr/local/bin/
Make sure that it has been marked as executable.
Open your terminal, and enter the following command...


...and it should appear in your terminal.

To have it appear each time you open your terminal, open your .bashrc file in your home folder, and add...

miyofetch the bottom of the file.

Here is a link to a video showing how to install it and change the colors...

Download available here... … miyofetch/

#23 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded » 2020-04-22 03:19:02

Miyo-Qt is now available...

Miyo-Qt is a minimal LXQt version that will allow the user to "make it your own". Click the image to enlarge it...


Miyo-Qt Release Notes (Condensed)

MiyoLinux was made so that users could have a minimal and base system on which to add the software and applications that they choose. Miyo is simply an acronym for "make it your own". The web browser, office suite, music player, video player, etc. is left up to the user to decide what they want on their system.



PLEASE NOTE: The i686 version is using the non-pae kernel. If a user needs the pae kernel, it can easily be installed.


1. Miyo-Qt
2. Application Launcher
3. MiyoLinux Accessories
4. Number Lock
5. How to activate the firewall with UFW
6. Update Notifier
7. System Name in the grub screen
8. Miscellaneous Notes...

Feel free to download the full Release Notes for more detail.

Available here... … elease/Qt/

Have fun!!! smile

#24 Re: Devuan Derivatives » [mini-i2p-mimo] New 'Devuan-based' 3.0 release: » 2020-04-18 02:46:22

I can't decide which system I prefer...they're both fantastic!

Plus...stanz has the best login screen of any distro in all of Linuxdom!  wink  big_smile

#25 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-04-04 19:05:00

Having some fun experimenting and running SpectrWM on Devuan!  big_smile

(Click the photo to enlarge)


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