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#1 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » (Solved) No sound out of headphones » 2020-05-25 06:48:01

Job wrote:

no sound to headphones

I dont know about pavucontrol because I dont use pulseaudio, but I could try to use alsamixer to see the level of headphones.

#2 Re: DIY » Lowest memory footprint obtained. » 2020-05-15 19:14:31

Landor wrote:

lowest memory footprint/usage any of you has been able to obtain with a WM and what was your wm/basic setup.

IMHO it depends on what you consider "basic". I've experience installing general use computers in high school computer labs. We need browsing and office programs at a minimum. My Debian and Devuan installs with KDE take about 4GB of disc and run with just 1 GB. Latest Devuan 3 system require more RAM to be responsive, may be about 2 GB, but this figure is still untested personally.

Hope it helps.

#3 Re: Installation » Beowulf: Link sbin » 2020-05-14 16:45:17

fsmithred wrote:

My current preferred method to revert to the old behavior is to add


to /etc/default/su.

There are a few methods. Years ago I decided to change almost all the configuration files of Bash of my systems. Now, with Devuan my modifications work well.

#4 Re: Installation » Beowulf: Link sbin » 2020-05-14 07:12:44

PedroReina wrote:
fsmithred wrote:

I tried copying .Xauthority and that didn't work for me in beowulf. Are you using that in beowulf now?

No, in Beowulf no.

I'm working with Beowulf beta3 for a couple of days. Coping .Xauthority to the root home works for me. I can start X Window programs as root: bare user -> su - -> program. YMMV. Mine is lightdm, webkit2 greeter and KDE without much further tinkering.

#5 Re: Off-topic » Gentoo, Slackware and more » 2020-05-13 16:02:29

steve_v wrote:

I think you mean 8MB, LOL.

My first Linux kernel compilation was on a 486 with 4 MB of RAM. But it succeded and I was amazed.

#6 Re: News & Announcements » Beowulf Beta is here! » 2020-05-11 14:17:51

ralph.ronnquist wrote:

For beowulf beta3, now available, ...

fsmithred wrote:

I did an offline install with the beta3 netinstall iso

Thank you both. Downloading beta3...

It works, minimal install gave me a working system, with network and apt fully operative. Fixed.

#7 Re: News & Announcements » Beowulf Beta is here! » 2020-05-11 10:45:29

I have been working on Beta and Beta2 for a while. Thank you to all you people for your work.

I always use expert install from devuan_beowulf_3.0.0_beta2_amd64_netinstall.iso

Standard XFCE instalation was fine, with the already said glitches about locales and tzdata. Not big deal.

Then I tried KDE install and it was fine: KDE is far more usable on low specs computer with Beowulf than with Stretch. But the instaler put on the drive both KDE and XFCE. This is a bug, IMHO.

Then I went to my real test: from a minimal install going installing just what I want, without metapackages, avoiding possible unwanted packages. I did two tries:

First try was what I already do succesfully with Devuan 2 ASCII: from expert netinstall, not choose any software nor configure apt, and do it after instalation. I could not finish that way because the system installed missed important packages, as the dhcp client.

Second try, from expert netinstall also, I choose configure apt, but not marking any task at all: the installed system had standard XFCE. Another bug, IMHO.

I'm stuck now. Do you have any advice about how to get a very minimal setup workable? It is top priority now for me, as I'm going to install ASAP Beowulf on a work computer for my wife to use her brand new Wacom tablet, so I'm able to work on this as much as needed.

Thanks to all of you.

#8 Re: Installation » Ethernet driver needed for Devuan_jessie 1.0.0_amd64 installation » 2020-04-30 08:15:11

ve1drg wrote:

It is new enough that the Devuan_jessie software can't find the ethernet driver.

Is an aceptable option for your setup using a more up to date Devuan version?

#9 Re: Installation » Beowulf Beta Issues » 2020-04-09 18:58:10

Andre4freedom wrote:

That's the way it was invented and had to be used in the olden days of Unix already.

I agree with you. I like customizing my workplace and I override this classic behaviour. Since around 1999, I change all the profile files of Bash so I just need "su" to get evething in place. I love freedom!

#10 Re: Off-topic » Thunderbird needs to be forked » 2020-01-30 21:51:32

Micronaut wrote:

Wouldn't an integrated email client be a good thing for LibreOffice?

The grandpa of LibreOffice, StarOffice, had a e-mail client called StarMail. So, it get lost in some version from StarOffice to OpenOffice to LibreOffice.

bgstack15 wrote:

My mom actually still uses Thunderbird.

I'm using version 2.0. Inherited all my mail from Netscape Mail. No problems so far.

#11 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-01-06 09:50:22

Shibotto wrote:

first time here ... Dell Mini 9

Welcome to the forum. Nice machine you have!

#12 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » Question about XDG menus » 2019-11-07 14:04:59

Looking forward for any answer to this question. I used time ago IceWM, still like it, and thought that is a good idea implement in IceWM the XDG menu structure. When I used IceWM, I edited their menu by hand.

#13 Re: Installation » amarok 2.9 is not in buster, will it be in beowulf? » 2019-10-12 18:44:13

basati wrote:

Forgive me for being such a jerk.

You are not smile
It just happens that you like Amarok. Like a lot of people. This is about free software.

#14 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » (Ascii) second monitor not recognized / graphics card AMD RX560 » 2019-10-11 19:27:38

ToxicExMachina wrote:

I use TDE on a daily basis. It's pretty comfortable and full featured DE

Your opinion is important to me. Thank you very much for sharing. I'm using Devuan ASCII with XFCE, but definitely I will try Beowulf with TDE.

#15 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » (Ascii) second monitor not recognized / graphics card AMD RX560 » 2019-10-10 14:28:14

kapqa wrote:

still not sure how to go on with the Desktop Environment; ... KDE + LXQT is certainly a interesting match

Have you tried Trinity? It is in my "to try" list.

#16 Re: Devuan » Debian considering going systemd init only » 2019-09-26 18:44:43

fsmithred wrote:
HevyDevy wrote:

I should have said devuan refracta10 nodbus as fsmithred mentions in previous post.

Thank you. On desktops I'm using now XFCE, so I will need dbus. But for a minimal server your work seems very promising. I'll study it as soon as I can.

#17 Re: Devuan » Debian considering going systemd init only » 2019-09-25 21:04:07

HevyDevy wrote:

i dont use elogind or consolekit, ive been using devuan with no dbus and it runs great for what i need.

That seems very interesting to me. Could you, please, elaborate on it? May be a link or a new thread? Thank you.

#18 Re: Installation » firefox 52.9 esr » 2019-09-22 08:49:21

fsmithred wrote:

Maybe there's a way to set the second firefox to use something other than ~/.mozilla to store its files.

Profiles: … e_profiles

#19 Re: News & Announcements » Migrating from Buster to Beowulf - feedback needed » 2019-09-06 08:28:23

I think that may be helpful an initial URL with the first basic instructions.

#20 Re: Off-topic » Eben Moglen's presentation at re-publica in May » 2019-07-28 11:06:32

dxrobertson wrote:

at some point what is the purpose of the biological person behind the phone?

See ads, then buy goods. Sad.

#21 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » PulseAudio? Seriously!? » 2019-07-24 12:17:07

czeekaj wrote:

And when you remove pulse it's unfortunate you have to have a un-usable mixer in Xfce menu, just wasting space lol. When all you needed was a terminal for alsamixer.

The packages volumeicon-alsa and gnome-alsamixer worked for me in your issue. I dont need the Pulse Audio mixer in XFCE.

#22 Re: Off-topic » What other distro are you using (besides devuan)? » 2019-07-18 19:14:43

Debian on old boxes, Devuan on the new ones. No other distro to work, but I like to try others for fun. At work we have MAX, a Spanish distro based on Ubuntu with Mate desktop.

#23 Re: Installation » laptop failed to wake up from suspend mode, boot failure afterwards » 2019-06-23 10:44:51

erdos wrote:

it display a bunch of '07 07 07....' on the screen, no grub menu.

Strange enough, it seems a LILO problem to me.

From … tup.10146/

L – First stage of the boot loader has finished and has been unable to load the second stage. This usually indicates bad BIOS parameters or bad sectors on the media or even a corruption of the boot loader. The letter is usually followed by an error code as follows:
07 – Invalid initialization – BIOS did not initialize the boot disk

#24 Re: Installation » [solved]Paused at installing grub? » 2019-05-18 19:13:39

MysticLord wrote:

Installation is working

Glad to know smile

#25 Re: Installation » [solved]Paused at installing grub? » 2019-05-18 17:55:09

MysticLord wrote:

Diff-ing two 700 MB disc images is relatively memory intensive.


MysticLord wrote:

I want to teach myself C and I figure I'll extra RAM will come in handy for when I screw up and a process eats O(n) memory in O(n) time...

I have no direct experience about this, but this info could be relevant:

MysticLord wrote:

I'm mostly self-taught ... My hope is to get a job as a C programmer

So, be prepared to the more bizarre behaviour of your programs (I've been there) smile

MysticLord wrote:

On topic, I opted to install the DVD ... in a few minutes and let you know if I have any errors.

Looking forward. Best luck smile

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