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#1 Re: News & Announcements » Bound to happen ... » 2020-04-07 10:58:49

I'm still awaiting a kernel-patch from Mr Torvalds that obsoletes systemd altogether smile

#2 Re: Off-topic » Folding@home - You can help find a cure to COVID-19! » 2020-03-31 17:59:39

GNUser wrote:

Asking people to pitch in computing power but they refuse to show the source code? That's lopsided and creepy.

I'll be happy to contribute and spread the word when they make the source code available.

Yeah, like now's the perfect time to be totally an@l about that :-\

Besides, here's the perfect reason why they won't release the source:

It is important to note that we do release the scientific modifications back to the open source community, but do not release information which would enable donors to cheat on points, which some donors have done ruining the experience for many others.

#3 Re: News & Announcements » Beowulf Beta is here! » 2020-03-25 18:19:40

Just for my understanding: if one already has Ascii installed, Beowulf is now ready/stable enough to be upgraded to?


#4 Re: News & Announcements » Beowulf Beta is here! » 2020-03-20 16:51:55

sgage wrote:

However, I notice there is no volume indicator on the top panel as usual, nor is there one available for adding.

This is correct for Mate, and it hasn't been there for a fair while. (2017-ish? IIRC!) It's been lacking from upstream, so it's not a Devuan issue AFAIK.

#5 Re: Other Issues » Can't access my routers webinterface » 2020-03-20 14:28:02

And therein lies your problem: is a different network to tongue

#6 Re: News & Announcements » Beowulf Beta is here! » 2020-03-19 14:55:46

puma wrote:

When do you think the next stable will bereleased?
Please respons to me.

This is the second time you ask in as many days and it has been answered yesterday in the exact post following yours. READ IT!

Direct link: click!

#7 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Moving installation to SSD drive » 2020-03-14 22:24:02

Bookmark this page:

Tools to investigate (use the link, for instance) are (in no particular order):
which, strace, ps, whereis, grep/egrep/pgrep, lsof, locate/slocate and htop

#8 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Moving installation to SSD drive » 2020-03-14 16:06:01

No, not really. Unless your system is seriously memory-starved and swap comes into play often, in which case it's advisable to move it to a spinning disk instead as Flash drives do not cope too well with high read/write load cycles: it shortens their lifespan considerably. But as you stated swap is rarely used, don't bother now. My system also has an SSD for the system, including swap, but like yours it's seldom used so I don't bother about it. One of my SSD's (1st gen. consumer grade stuff, from Crucial, 60GB) lasted well over 60,000hrs before replacing it not so long ago.

#9 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Moving installation to SSD drive » 2020-03-14 13:54:25

Partition/disk management in Linux takes place in the /etc/fstab file. So, in order for the old partitions to be ignored, you'd have to comment them out (put a # in front of the line) Swap is also managed in that file, following the same syntax as a normal partition:

UUID=7af41fff-29cd-4f83-a099-aec1cb6eda8a none            swap    sw              0       0

This is swap activated in my system, your UUID will differ but feel free to copy the (rest of the) line as is.

Tip: to obtain UUID's for your partitions, use the blkid command on the cli, as described in this wiki page. (which I wrote, btw tongue )

Do note that every edit to the /etc/fstab file needs to be done as root!

#10 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Mainboard ASUS with AMD Ryzen 3: root device not found » 2020-03-04 18:44:12

Wilkommen ins Forum!

Boot into the Live-CD, then do a filesystem check (fsck) of all partitions. Make sure your Devuan system has the requisite tools available, various packages offer support for individual file systems (like XFS, JFS, BTRFS, etc). What's the contents of the file /etc/fstab? (use the code tags in the forum to keep things neat and tidy)

#11 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] B360M-C Motherboard Installation » 2020-02-29 01:12:00

Can't tell you how common this particular chipset is, but you'll probably find the driver on the install-DVD. That by itself is a more complete netinstall medium over the existing .iso and can be used as such (I do, at work wink ) when choosing a basic install, get the sources.list properly set up and away you go!

#12 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » UDEV problem - Brother MFC7420 » 2020-02-26 14:45:40

Did you set the permissions right? Make sure your regular user is a member of the printing and scanning groups. Brother has excellent Linux support, try their Linux page and follow the installation steps closely.


#13 Re: Other Issues » Connectivity issues after recent update » 2020-02-19 19:54:57

Thx gentlemen. On reflection, I have purged both network managers from my system, adjusted /etc/network/interfaces as suggested and will await the next boot for results. This machine is indeed my regular desktop, which is on for most of the day when I'm home.

#14 Re: Other Issues » Connectivity issues after recent update » 2020-02-19 12:10:34

Yup, my bad, it's indeed in /etc/networkmanager.

Oddly enough, the issues I had even yesterday don't seem to manifest themselves today. However, I doubt removing either of the managers as you suggest would solve it, as it has worked flawlessly before with both installed. But thx for the suggestion anyway, should it re-occur I might ditch wcid to see if there's a conflict between the two.

#15 Other Issues » Connectivity issues after recent update » 2020-02-18 18:15:03

Replies: 8

Since the recent update (a few days ago) my Ascii system looses network connectivity pretty much instantly after boot. I can re-establish a network connection using the wcid widget, but before said update, my network was always connected to my LAN. After a period of inactivity, the network disconnects again, despite my settings (in wcid) to re-establish a connection when lost. The system has a Gigibyte F2A88XM-D3H mainboard, with a Realtec RTL8111/8168/8411 Gbit network chipset, no wireless.


# This file describes the network interfaces available on your system
# and how to activate them. For more information, see interfaces(5).

source /etc/network/interfaces.d/*

# The loopback network interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

# The primary network interface
allow-hotplug eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp
# This is an autoconfigured IPv6 interface
iface eth0 inet6 auto




Hope this can be resolved quickly, as it's getting old now :-\

#16 Re: Installation » SOLVED: Cinnamon, but not MATE, beeps on shutdown » 2020-01-08 01:59:26

Find and open Sound Preferences, in the "Sound Effects" tab, select "no sound" as sound-theme. Worked for me, YMMV!

#17 Re: Installation » SOLVED: /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf different in Cinnamon versus MATE » 2020-01-08 01:56:17

I'm running Mate, it's there: /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf Did you install the default gtk-greeter for lightdm? (you should, as it's a dependency IIRC)

#18 Re: Installation » MariaDB server debian.cnf file with Beowulf » 2020-01-02 01:04:44

When I installed db-servers, the root-pw question came up as part of the installer. Apparently it didn't with yours. Perhaps a purge and re-install? I assume it's not a production machine (yet).

#19 Re: Installation » Beowulf and PHP install » 2019-12-31 06:03:02

Aptitude is the cli package manager. I'm assuming you log in to this headless machine via ssh, right? As root, do:

apt-get update && apt install aptitude

Starting it is simple: type in apti then press the tab key for completion, hit the Enter key and it runs. Use the / key to instigate a search, n cycles through the results and q quits the program.

As for the meta-package thing, did you do a Google search? I did, this is one of the top links it came up with: … -a-package

#20 Re: Installation » Beowulf and MySQL » 2019-12-31 00:49:58

Mariadb = MySQL, but with less baggage strapped to it. Oracle didn't play nice, so MySQL was forked and became Mariadb.

#21 Re: Installation » Beowulf and PHP install » 2019-12-31 00:46:43

Investigate the concept of meta-packages.

PS: in aptitude you can get a description of the selected/highlighted package by pressing Enter.


#22 Re: Devuan » Debian has fallen. What now? » 2019-12-28 15:03:09

Currently, apt is the superior package management tool in Linux-land. Portage could become a close 2nd and maybe even take over that top spot, if (and only if) its Devs accept it'll have to make arbitrary decisions on which package to install. Currently, it bombs out with a cryptic 'slot conflict' which the user should fix, even if said user hasn't got a clue on how to do so. This was essentially the reason why I moved from Funtoo to Devuan a few years ago.

Having said that, IMO Devuan should not stray from its Debian roots. Not only because it has marketed itself as "systemd-free Debian" from the outset, but switching to a different base distro with a different package management will confuse regular and even power users, perhaps even alienate them. I guess one could come up with plenty more reasons to stick with 'the mother-ship', but the above ones are the core issues.

But then, I'm not a Devuan Dev, so what weight would this carry anyway wink

#23 Re: Installation » Achieving minimal xorg install on Beowulf » 2019-12-18 17:04:41

Give it a try, you can always purge packages afterwards.

#24 Re: Off-topic » new encroachments of our least favourite init » 2019-12-18 16:56:01

The "official" Gentoo reply from Rick Freeman:

Gentoo has always been about providing our users (and developers) with
choices.  As long as somebody is willing to maintain a service
manager, Gentoo will host it in our repository along with any
per-package configurations/scripts/etc it may require.

Gentoo actually supports a number of service managers. Our release
media/etc defaults to use OpenRC, though at times alternate release
media using other service managers has been maintained.  Gentoo has
supported systemd as a service manager for years - long before it was
a default on most distros.  Gentoo also supports other service
managers which haven't gotten as much press, and if a contributor
wishes to maintain a new service manager in our repository no policy
will prevent them from doing so.

Systemd has absorbed or replaced a number of previously-standalone
projects over the years (eg udev).  In most cases Gentoo supports the
systemd implementation of these, alongside standalone forks of these
where they exist (several of which were created by Gentoo).  To
varying degrees users can mix and match these as they wish, where this
is supportable.  The default implementations are usually selected by
the maintainers of these components in close collaboration, based on
practical matters such as maturity/compatibility/etc, with the goal of
providing the best overall experience to users regardless of their
choice of service manager.

Gentoo in general tries to stick close to upstream and this is true of
our service managers.  We do not generally apply compatibility layers
so anyone using a non-systemd service manager will not see any kind of
interaction with systemd units/etc.  Likewise systemd users will get
an upstream-like systemd experience and will not see any kind of
interaction with OpenRC scripts/etc.  As a result it is possible to
run a Gentoo system without any trace of systemd, or without any trace
of OpenRC/sysvinit.

As Gentoo has always been about providing choices to our users we
generally do not prohibit software from existing in our repositories
unless it is simply impossible due to legal/etc concerns.  Gentoo
users and contributors are free to use or support the software they
wish as a result.  While Gentoo has certainly not escaped some of the
divisiveness/etc around systemd implementations, argument is actually
fairly rare these days because the various choices individually work
well enough that those who prefer or reject systemd don't really feel
much encumbrance from the actions of the other group.  This might be
why you were under the impression that Gentoo support for systemd is a
recent change - little has changed in the recent past, and there is
little reason to expect any kind of disruption to Gentoo users who
prefer to not use systemd (which is our default anyway).

As a response to my request for permission to quote him he quantified his earlier reply as follows:

Keep in mind that this is just a general explanation of
how Gentoo treats systemd (and really just about any package) in
general, and isn't any kind of particular reaction to any issue/etc.
Any policy can be subject to change, but this state of affairs has
been stable for some time so I don't expect that is likely.  And of
course eventually new service managers will likely replace both OpenRC
and systemd - it is just the nature of FOSS to improve, just as OpenRC
and systemd both replaced service managers that came before them.


#25 Re: Off-topic » new encroachments of our least favourite init » 2019-12-18 07:41:10

I have received a reply from Rich Freeman from the Gentoo project but am awaiting permission to post it in this thread. Stay tuned (I hope!)

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