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#1 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » [HowTo]Add debian version in conky » 2020-08-02 17:18:11

And why do you use the sudo command for editing conky config in user dir?

#3 Re: Other Issues » Chromium closes without user interaction » 2020-07-13 16:16:52

It is possible that this error has now been fixed. According Debian Security Advisory DSA-4714-3

The previous update for chromium released as DSA 4714-2 contained a flaw in the service worker implementation.  This problem causes the browser to crash when a connection error occurs.  Updated chromium packages are now available that correct this issue. For the stable distribution (buster), this problem has been fixed in version 83.0.4103.116-1~deb10u3.

#4 Re: Other Issues » Chromium closes without user interaction » 2020-07-12 12:18:54

Devuman wrote:

Indeed, the 2nd bug report.

Hi! You may launch chromium whith the -g option from a terminal: once in the debugger, you "start" and wait for a crash in the browser while you navigate the web. I suppose, the debugger in the terminal should give you a trace of the crash.

#5 Re: Other Issues » Chromium closes without user interaction » 2020-07-11 12:23:13

Devuman wrote:

Devuan Beowulf 3.0.0 32-bit
Chromium 83.0.4103.116

All extensions are deactivated.

What could be the cause of this?

Maybe, this is related to this? … bug=963548 … bug=964334

#7 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-07-06 16:21:00

I try to keep things very minimal, with almost nothing but my windows on screen (not even a desktop background) and just using Openbox's features, not adding a lot of docks, panels, icons etc. Not even a desktop wallpaper. This minimalism is what I like about Openbox - there's less to distract me and there's also less to configure and manage and less to go wrong. But I do add a handful of essentials, including a "Great Circle" Conky config, a system tray, an application launcher (rofi)  an Openbox theme (Arc-Dark), and my own Openbox configuration with my own keyboard shortcuts.





#8 Re: Forum Feedback » Why Fie? » 2020-07-06 11:41:17

richmond62 wrote:

1. Ancient installer that looked like a bad DOS knock-off.
Back to Xubuntu.
I expect a modern OS to have a graphic installer and to be able to detect my WiFi card.

Somehow it’s nonsense. Complete nonsense. Most importantly, the installer does his job and does it perfectly. If you want beauties, you can go back to the land of Windows, but do you need it?  I will repeat my self. This installer works great.

#9 Re: Other Issues » [stable] security update delay for firefox-esr » 2020-06-12 18:07:05

I can tell you about myself. I have no delays (in updates).

#10 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-06-12 18:03:47

HevyDevy wrote:

Nice scrots there miyo, ogis.

Thank you.

HevyDevy wrote:

no dbus sort of well just some libraries, firefox seems to work fine.

Good idea. I need to come up with something like that.

#11 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-06-09 12:40:37

Finally. I finally had free time and I installed this amazing operating system ....


This is Openbox in Devuan Beowulf 3.0.0

#13 Re: News & Announcements » Beowulf 3.0.0 is here! » 2020-06-04 17:24:05

Thanks goes to all devs and community to this great release!

#14 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-05-29 16:25:10

I am going minimal...


Lwm using only 728 kb of memory. Nice smile


My main browser-w3m


#16 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » System Specifications Of Users Systems? » 2020-05-22 12:16:10

Hello, steve_v. Your plan is to upgrade to AMD YD195XA8AEWOF Ryzen Threadripper 1950X ?

#17 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » System Specifications Of Users Systems? » 2020-05-21 13:35:57

My machine is Intel Core i7 920 @ 8x 2.793GHz, with  4 gb of ram, 1TB HDD and  with GeForce GTX 650 GPU

#18 Re: Other Issues » neofetch on ceres » 2020-05-10 12:16:40

This stems from lsb_release switching to reading the cross-distro standard file, /usr/lib/os-release. More info here: … bug=939733

#19 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-05-09 12:33:57

Nili wrote:

Awesome Ogis1975 - Dev1 simplicity that's what make it very close to a part of users.

Thank you, Nili. Well said. Exact words. By the way. Very nice set up. As usual.

#20 Re: Off-topic » Show your desktop (rebooted) » 2020-04-05 13:53:27

Fluxbox mania...First time startup. 123 mb on  x86_64 system. Very impressive.


And a little rising...


#21 Re: News & Announcements » Beowulf Beta is here! » 2020-04-01 15:08:39

Forgive me for the stupid question. I would like to know when the release date of Devuan Beowulf is expected?

#22 Re: Documentation » Install music player daemon and set up it as a user service in Devuan » 2020-02-10 15:05:02

Thank you, therion23, for your configs. In near future i will try this.

#23 Documentation » Install music player daemon and set up it as a user service in Devuan » 2020-01-12 18:47:48

Replies: 7

This short guide  describes how to install mpd as a user service in Devuan 2.1 (ascii).
Install mpd and mpc

#apt install mpd mpc

Mpc is a command line user interface for MPD server.

By default Devuan installs mpd as a system service. We don't want this, so let's remove it from startup.
If mpd is running stop it first.

#/etc/init.d/mpd stop

We don't want MPD to be started as a system service. We want to run it from a regular user account. So we must disable it. Use this command:

#update-rc.d mpd disable

To build the user configuration, extract and copy the default config with command

gunzip -c /usr/share/doc/mpd/examples/mpd.conf.gz

to directory


(make this dir first).

Edit the config file according to your needs. For example, my config looks like this:

music_directory     "~/Music"
playlist_directory  "~/Playlists"
db_file             "~/.local/share/mpd/mpd.db"
log_file            "~/.local/share/mpd/mpd.log"
pid_file            "~/.local/share/mpd/"
state_file          "~/.local/share/mpd/mpd.state"
sticker_file        "~/.local/share/mpd/sticker.sql"

bind_to_address     ""
log_level           "default"
restore_paused      "yes"
metadata_to_use     "artist,album,title,track,date"
auto_update         "yes"

input {
        plugin "curl"

audio_output {
        type            "alsa"
        name            "Headset"
        mixer_type      "software"      

audio_output {
    type        "fifo"
    name        "mpd_fifo"
    path        "/tmp/mpd.fifo"
    format      "44100:16:2"

Don't forget to create the needed directories (~/Playlists and ~/.local/share/mpd)

Run mpd.

$ mpd

If everything is ok, it directly detaches itself. (so it looks like it exits). It might complain that the db_file cannot be found, you can safely ignore this.

In order to build the database file, MPD must scan into the music_directory. A MPD client is required to request this task, for example with mpc the command is

$ mpc update


You most likely want to have mpd started automatically when logging into tty. To start MPD on login add the following to

# MPD daemon start (if no other user instance exists)
[ ! -s ~/.config/mpd/pid ] && mpd

That's it. Now you can enjoy your favorite music.


In this simple set up i use command line user interface for MPD server. Here you can see the commands used in mpc. But there are more clients in the official Devuan repository (TUI and GUI).


#24 Re: Other Issues » Is VirtualBox (or alternative) in the repo? » 2020-01-12 13:10:02

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:

If you don't like GUI management tools see my fdn guide

It is exelent guide. This instruction helped me a lot!

#25 Re: Other Issues » Is VirtualBox (or alternative) in the repo? » 2020-01-11 19:36:28

Ron wrote:

Am I missing it, or is Virtualbox not in the repo? Any alternatives in the repo?

Hello. Virtualbox is in  ascii-backports - contrib repo. But, for my opinion, it is a crap. I prefer qemu-kvm- QEMU Full virtualization on x86 hardware. It is in ascii - main repo.

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