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Re: Brave New Trusted Boot World

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:
MrReplikant wrote:

since Power ISA got open-sourced, there's an initiative to bring that back

Unfortunately POWER10 brought in a requirement for non-free firmware in the memory controller chips:

Not that it really matters because any POWER9 machine (or any of the "open" platforms you list) will need a hard drive and that drive will have a controller running proprietary code below ring 0. The battle is already lost.

MrReplikant wrote:

the recent release of the Alibaba Roma RISC-V laptop

RISC-V is nice but the specification does allow for non-free extensions and I'm sure most, if not all, manufacturers will take advantage of that. To presume otherwise is naive.

MrReplikant wrote:

My conclusion is, if we can work to keep our old (or simply pre-lockdown) hardware working long enough, say maybe another 10 years (depending on the device), we can wait this out long enough for those devices to become a bit more accessible to the common folk.

It seems to be getting worse rather than better but whatever.

I am not saying any of those options are perfect, and notice that I never claimed such. But what we are left with is either that, or hardware that is fully locked-in and monopolized. Which would you prefer? All I'm saying is that in time, *hopefully*, these devices will become less expensive/more accessible.

In the meantime, to stave this issue off, we need to look at how to make Devuan more efficient and/or find more workable alternatives to programs that are becoming increasingly bloated.

Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe it's futile. But i'll die screaming and go down fighting before I let Apple or Microsoft claim victory over us or the Linux Community. After all, isn't that stubbornness what got us this far in the first place, in a way?

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That's all, folks.


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