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Re: SOLVED: Devuan's "systemctl daemon-reload"

nobodyuknow wrote:


Point taken, but:
- One only learns these things after one pays for it.
- ExpressVPN also has a problem with Manjaro, as they only test with Arch and expect Manjaro users to accept AUR.
- I first used ProtonVPN, but its commands require sudo while ExpressVPN commands do not. ProtonVPN eliminated its servers in my home city, which makes it problematic for websites requiring local login (Hotmail and my bank's website did not appreciate that).

Which VPNs are known to be compatible with Devuan?

I agree with your first point.
As for your second, I don't know much about that.
And for your third point, I don't have too much knowledge at the moment.  I don't really use a vpn other than cryptostorm. But I use the free version, not the paid version. I am not sure how well the paid version would work though. hmm

I should add though, I also, A don't use hotmail and B, I don't use a vpn when logging into bank accounts usually. hmm

Is Expressvpn a vpn that is privacy friendly?

I know none of them have zero logs and that is a lie that any use zero logs, but I wondered if you just use it for censorship bypassing or privacy altogether.

Regardless though, the fact it relies on system dumb makes me suspicious of them.  Seems a bit corrupt to me. If you using it for censorship bypassing though, your set probably. Privacy though... I dunno.

PS, there are better emails out there that are actually more open source and free at the same time. for example is one I use.

I dunno when they accepting new accounts, but its worth checking. smile

Unless you need hotmail for work or something else. Which is very possible.

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