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#1 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] chimaera in vm on m1 mac » 2022-06-22 00:03:07

Just wanted to update with a few things.

First, I found the UTM app (, which does emulation as well as virtualization (it uses qemu). I used it to create x86_64 and aarch64 VMs. I used the x86_64 installer, and it was a bit slow, but not too bad.

I re-downloaded the "current" mini.iso, and was able to install it in the emulated aarch64 VM. Then I had a thought, and went back and checked the original page where I downloaded the mini.iso (I still had it up).

That "current" had pointed to the Oct 2021 build (u1), but when I re-loaded the page, it was pointing to the Mar 2022 build (u3). So I tried it in a straight VM (no emulation), and it worked fine.

Not sure why Mar 2022 build didn't show up til Jun, but it all works now, so no worries.

#2 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] chimaera in vm on m1 mac » 2022-06-09 16:35:33

This is also my first time doing any sort of virtualization on MacOS, but Parallels seems to work ok. Fusion seems to need more work, but given what's happening with VMware, it's probably not going to get it.

Yesterday, I got CentOS 9 aarch64 to install in Parallels (bleah, I know.. but again, it's for work). But more importantly, I also got Debian 11 arm64 installed in Parallels, sans probleme.

One of the most obvious differences for Debian arm64 is that it has a full DVD image available, so it has all the packages it needs, and no possibility for a mismatch between installer and archive. That said, the Debian 11 netinstall CD image also worked for me.

I get the sense that the ARM installers for Devuan seem to be intended for RPi and such.. so maybe that's why there is only the mini.iso? It would be nice if there were a full DVD image for arm64 (which would also be good for offline installs).

If that is possible, and there is a procedure for doing that, I'd be fine with building it. Alternatively, I'd like to know how to figure out why it thinks the installer and the archive kernels are mismatched.

The installer boots, and I can set the locale, configure the network, and pick the archive mirror. It's only when it goes to download the kernel modules that there is a problem. But not a problem with the installer itself (i.e., it doesn't crash or freeze), just in validating the packages.

I have Devuan Beowulf and Chimaera installed on my two personal laptops as daily drivers, and had them installed in VirtualBox on my Windows laptop for my last job. It would be nice to do the same thing for this one.

#3 Re: Installation » [SOLVED] chimaera in vm on m1 mac » 2022-06-08 22:39:40

I've tried with Parallels, and also VMware Fusion.

Good point about M1 vs virtual ARM.

Just checked the sha256 for the image.. it's good.

#4 Installation » [SOLVED] chimaera in vm on m1 mac » 2022-06-08 21:42:25

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The M1 MacBook Pro is a work laptop, so not my choice..

I've downloaded the mini.iso from … s/netboot/
and it boots into the installer.

When it gets to "Download installer components", it returns with "no kernel modules found".

I've tried it with both and as the archive mirror. It seems to hit the mirror, because it lists the available flavors / versions: chimaera, daedalus, ceres. I picked chimaera.

The explanation given by the installer is "This probably is due to a mismatch between the kernel used by this version of the installer and the kernel version available in the archive."

Not sure how to verify that, or how to tell what it's trying to access at that point. Or maybe I'm missing something even more basic.

I'm aware that this is probably not a well supported scenario (or at all?). I think I saw that M1 support is in the kernel in 5.13? If so, does that mean this won't be possible til daedalus?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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