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#1 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Suspend regression in kernel 4.19.0-10 » 2020-08-11 08:35:22

Well, I can assure you that I didn't change anything in my .config when I built the 4.19.133 and .137 kernels; I always copy my latest/current /boot/configXXX file to ./.config before running `make xconfig` for a new kernel, and then do a visual diff afterwards.

I could have run into the same issue after installing my 5.7.14 kernel build, but fortunately I ran into what actually seems like a plausible explanation researching a trivial build failure: don't call `finish_cpu()` when offlining a core. I've added an answer with sources to the stackexchange topic referenced in my OP.

#2 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » changing locale for Cinnamon desktop » 2020-08-09 17:04:46

Head_on_a_Stick wrote:

Probably better to use the supplied abstraction mechanism to modify /etc/default/locale:

# dpkg-reconfigure locales

Why? The files in /etc/default aren't part of any package as far as I can see, and rightfully so as they're the official way to modify behaviour. Or maybe the abstraction mechanism is just a fancy, obfuscated way to achieve the same thing.

Devuan isn't really aimed at n00bs, perhaps try one of the derivatives instead.

That's more for installing and setting up, no? Once you have a full desktop installed I'd expect that to be as n00b friendly as the same desktop on any other distribution (and this is true for the other desktops I tested).

Or you could try installing the Mint .deb package:

As I said that doesn't work because it requires mint-common which is just non-trivial enough to get to build/install. The maintainer(s) of the Cinnamon packages should have a quick look and include it by default.

I've seen screenshots of GDM providing a language choice during the login procedure and I definitely remember having used such "greeters" myself; it seems like the Unix way of doing things.

#3 Re: Desktop and Multimedia » changing locale for Cinnamon desktop » 2020-08-09 13:53:49

I think I finally managed through a combination of changing the settings in that file and in /etc/default/locale. It worked, but it's not exactly the kind of (novice) users of an otherwise fancy and frankly quite nice looking desktop to have to jump through.

I even installed an admittedly basic version of the Gnome desktop to be able to follow instructions I found related to the gdm display manager (hoping that would ease my pains) but no such luck (and I quickly remembered why I loathe that DE so much).

Full disclosure: I'd have put that user under KDE but for some reason it starts to a black screen, I guess because the imported $HOME was configured to use a KDE Plasma4 desktop (and possibly because Devuan's KDE version isn't exactly the latest). I'd have reinstalled Plasma4 if someone still provided packages for it; it still works just fine and KF5 applications integrate seamlessly with it.

#4 Hardware & System Configuration » Suspend regression in kernel 4.19.0-10 » 2020-08-09 09:12:48

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Apparently upgrading from kernel 4.19.0-9 to 4.19.0-10 makes suspending the computer impossible on certain hardware: … 19-0-9-ker

I haven't experienced this with 4.19.0-10 but can affirm that the regression still exists in the stock kernel.

Reports of this exact issue are floating around by the handful, but none has a real solution (or explanation) that I could find, other than "upgrade or downgrade to version X". There was a suggestion somewhere it could be related to XHCI (USB-3; I can confirm support of that can be a PITA) but I haven't been able to research that sufficiently (rebuilding the kernel just takes too damn long).

#5 Re: Other Issues » pm-suspend becomes catatonic - screen blanks; system never halts » 2020-08-09 09:06:20

I suppose the power LED doesn't go off (if you have one)?

As far as I can tell there's a regression that was introduced in the 4.19 kernel sometime after 4.19.118 (aka 4.19.0-9 in Debian speak). See … 19-0-9-ker

#6 Desktop and Multimedia » changing locale for Cinnamon desktop » 2020-08-09 08:58:26

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I'm configuring a Cinnamon desktop for a user who wants to be able to use a different language than the default system language - and I don't mean just the *input* language.

Every other DE I've tried so far provides a config thingy to accomplish this, not so Cinnamon. Googling the issue provides one "easy" answer: install the mintlocale utility.

Except that Devuan doesn't provide it, and the stock version depends on LInux Mint specifics that can undoubtedly be adapted (but not by someone like me who doesn't know Mint and hardly knows Devuan for now).

I don't know where to file a request to add this utility but in the meantime, has anyone actually managed to change the language used throughout a Cinnamon session? So far I've tried to set $LANG and $LANGUAGE in the usual shell startup scripts (.bashrc, .profile, .login) but it appears something is overwriting them.

#7 Re: Installation » Interested in installing devuan, couple questions before I do » 2020-07-25 08:29:44

golinux wrote:

Use PPAs with Debian or Devuan at your own risk.  Please take DontBreakDebian to heart.

It always makes me chuckle when people suggest that any use of free software (esp. under the GPL) isn't entirely at your own risk... It's very easy on Ubuntu too to break something with an illconceived package from a PPA. In fact, using multiple package sources in a design that's already subject to dependency nightmares (split packages with individual, versioned dependencies) is already a recipe for disaster in itself. Been there, done that... (heck, I almost lost my entire install because I thought I could simply back out of experimenting with the official systemd package for Trusty, without using ZFS snapshots as a safety net).

Was it your intention to link to the generic Debian wiki landing page (on which I didn't see a DontBreakDebian section)? smile

Do Debian and/or Devuan have a similar site/service in place? Upgrading to just about any newer distro would presumably rob me of my preferred (minimalistic) KDE Plasma4 (sic, Four) DE so I'd be very tempted to get that up and running myself and evidently I'd prefer to be able to use an external build service for that.

EDIT: there must be a matching Ubuntu version for any given Devuan distribution version, that has the crucial libraries should be in the same place, right? If so, a Launchpad PPA with custom packages based on the Devuan packaging metadata (the `debian` subdir) ought not be too risky?

#8 Re: Installation » Interested in installing devuan, couple questions before I do » 2020-07-24 21:54:47

Hello - I'm new here, I hope it's OK to jump into a not-so-recent thread like this.

If I understand correctly, one shouldn't use Debian's repositories but one can use the repositories certain companies put online (Oracle for VirtualBox, Mozilla for Firefox and Thunderbird, LLVM for clang etc) and install packages from those repos (as long as they don't depend on packages only available from Debian or Ubuntu).

I'm currently using KUbuntu 14.04 with an increasing number of packages I backported myself from later versions or simply built locally and installed in a parallel prefix. Sooner or later I will have to upgrade and I'd rather not go the systemd route. The LaunchPad PPAs I maintain also contain other software that's not a backport (like Freetype/FontContfig/Cairo with the Infinality patches).
Do I understand correctly that I should in principle be able to continue to use these PPAs?


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