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#1 Re: Installation » Encrypted portable instalation on a flashdrive. » 2020-02-15 19:02:15

dzz wrote:

On boot it will prompt for the LUKS key, if you don't have that it will continue to boot to only the basic, default live image. The security of the rest is down to the strength of your encryption key.

This is interesting, can you make the prompt "invisible"? So it just shows a blinking cursor but it doesn't show any symbols when typing, if you enter a wrong password or just press enter it continues booting into a barebones live USB install?
If so, how would i go about setting a system up in that way?

#2 Installation » Encrypted portable instalation on a flashdrive. » 2020-02-14 19:44:27

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Hello, i would like to create an encrypted installation of Devuan on an USB stick that i can boot into on multiple computers. Could you please give me a hand? I'm not quite sure how to go about it.
It's not the first time i installed Linux, i used Debian previously for quite some time and installing linux encrypted is not the problem, it's the bootable on multiple PCs part I'm having trouble figuring out, though i imagine the encryption might require some tweaking too if I want the stick to work on multiple computers, i really have no idea.
I know I'm probably not going to have full disc encryption but i would like to encrypt more than just /home, encrypting the entire / partition with only /boot left readable would be ideal.
Could you please give me some instructions on how to go about installing Devuan in this way?

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