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#1 Re: News & Announcements » Devuan 2.0 ASCII Stable » 2019-05-21 05:20:19

Request for DVD set of Devuan repository. has 14 DVD disk set of Debian Stretch for $11.99.  The 12 DVD set of source code is $9.99.
I periodically buy this in AMD64 as well as i386 (I like some old software).  This site routinely updates the set to each minor version and currently is shipping 9.9.

I would buy Devuan ASCII on DVD for AMD64, i386, and ARM (orangepi/raspi user).   I also would contribute an equal amount of money to the project with each purchase.

I live in the free country of America where living only 20 miles from the Microsoft headquarters I pay $140/month for 2 to 5mb/s with a 40gb data cap.  Cellular is amazing.  5G users will be too stupid to realize that the data cap was only to get you to spend more money.  Aren't you happy to live where you live? (Sorry, couldn't help whining.)

Even without the datacap issue, 14 DVD's amounts to 65gb.  I sacrifice that on my laptop, dd to iso, as well as setup a repo for my home computers.  Loopback mount all the isos, reconfigure sources.list, and away you go.  Being on any computer and being able to apt-get any software without internet access is great.  Need something?  It's there.  Installs scream off an SSD.

Also, I checked the DVD sales sites and none of them had Devuan.  For simple advertising purposes we should get it on all of those sites.


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