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#1 Re: Devuan Derivatives » Announcement Regarding MiyoLinux » 2019-05-23 03:31:20

w3 wrote:

If it wasn't for Miyo maybe I wouldn't be using Devuan. [...] Here in my little one I have converted several users to Linux, thanks to Miyo.

Exactly my situation and feelings. I'm here at Dev1 thanks to Miyo and during this time I've been helping to a couple of people to learn and adopt Linux using Miyo.

I'd spent weeks trying to get Compiz to work in my system to no avail (not for fun. I needed it for a friend with visual impairments). I've tried nearly a dozen of distros looking for to attain the same goal. No luck.

On the other hand, systemd is not my cup of tea and my experience with Devuan hadn't proved quite promising back then (rather unstable, no lxde).

Clueless, I had a last minute idea: to search for distros based upon Devuan. I flew to Devuan site and searched for an alternative. Among them, Miyo. I remembered I had tried it once, but in a virtual machine with no success, so I forgot it then.

Nevertheless, I went to sourceforge determined to give it a second chance and then I saw it: Miyo-Compiz. I tried it in VirtualBox. First surprise: It booted beautifully. Second surprise: Compiz worked! Even in VB! Couldn't believe it: Two birds with one stone!

MiyoLinux, whether you decide to continue or to drop your distro, you'll have my support. But truth be told: It's a marvelous work. Thank you so much.

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