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#1 Re: Installation » Interested in installing devuan, couple questions before I do » 2019-05-13 22:13:32

Fast bootup times can be deceiving - yes, you can get a graphical login screen in 2 seconds, however your hardware might not be setup yet. I write drivers as part of my job, and it can take a while for hardware to become active. I reboot every year or so, so fast bootup doesn't really worry me. You could always stay in grub - you can look at files, create, copy etc. That is near instantaneous! Oh, you can't surf the net? Then wait till the system is ready smile (PS. that was a joke, I wasn't serious for all those with sarcasm filter removed.....)

On the other question, you can always compile from source - most (if not all by definition) open source projects have access to source. You can get the source, and normally follow the bouncing ball.

#2 Hardware & System Configuration » Ideacentre stick pc » 2019-05-07 12:47:44

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I recently bought a (cheap) compute stick and thought I'd install linux on it. It is an ideacentre stick 300, with quad core bay-trail atom, 2G ram and 32G flash. Not really that powerful, but at roughly the price of a raspberry pi, I gave it a go. I'm a long term linux user, and use devuan at work, so devuan was my first choice. The live usb booted even with the odd 32bit EFI / 64 bit OS combination. The only issue was that the intel SST drivers didn't work with the stock 4.9 kernel.

A bit of research turned up that the baytrail atom chip received proper support in later kernels. With 4.9, most things worked, except audio (HDMI), and built in WiFi. A quick backport later and 4.19 was installed and everything is working. I ended up not using the built in WiFi as it is quite poor - so a USB dongle I had was used instead. Combined with a wireless keyboard and a 24 inch HDMI monitor I had, and the system was up and running.

Now it is not a powerhouse by any means, but it is surprisingly usable. I credit devuan for getting the most out of the hardware with no or little overheads. I suppose I wanted to post in case anyone else had one of these devices and was having problems. A quick search didn't turn up anything. I've installed a few things like stellarium (which works surprisingly well), and a few plugins for firefox to enable streaming video from my subscribed service. In fact everything I have tried works well - just don't try to compile your own kernel.....

I am writing this on the "toy". Anyway, if anybody has a compute stick stuck in a cupboard, get it out and install devuan.

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