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#1 Re: Hardware & System Configuration » Issues with Laptop Lid Suspend/Hibernate and Panel Plugins » 2019-04-15 07:36:57

Thanks Head on a Stick,

That was very useful. As an additional note...

On my Dell XPS 13 I also had to check the contents of /sys/power/mem_sleep as the default (between brackets) was s2idle and it indicated that also 'deep' or suspend to RAM was possible, saving even more power.

I followed the instructions of … tates.html to make 'deep' the default by adding it to /etc/default/grub e.g.

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet mem_sleep_default=deep"

and ran 'update-grub' afterwards.

#2 Re: News & Announcements » Devuan 2.0 ASCII Stable » 2019-04-12 18:09:27

Hey gals and guys, also wanted to express my gratitude for your hard work. Currently running Beowulf on a Dell XPS 13 with joy and satisfaction. The Dell installed Ubuntu 18.04 sucked big balls. With Beowulf it's smooth sailing ;-)

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