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#1 2019-08-14 05:33:00

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Devuan Fails to Install on Usb Sata Disk

L want to use Devuan on my rackservers as it has syv init unlike the horrid debian/redhat  route of using the bug infested systemd that caused me so much trouble on my servers.
I am very glad to have found Devuan and will support it as far as I can.

My test system before dep-loyment is a pc with externa USB to sata converter with 1TB sata3 drive.
For debug purposes it is crucial that an OS must be able to boot from an externa USB stata drive. It is needed in my protocols. No ifs or buts even though all the rackservers is hotswap.

USB drive has 15 operating systems in partitions on it for testing.
1) Debian, MX18, Fedora, Ubuntu,puppy,slack as an example all install to and boots from the drive. All were installed on the MBR of the disk /dev/sdb
2) There is somehow no way Devuan can be installed on an external drive such as this. Since Devuan is a fork of debian I cannot see why this should happen as Debian boots no problem.

After installation  I just get the error message as in this image


Anyone has an idea why this happens to only Devuan ?

If I cant sorth this out, I will have to use second best systemd free distro MXLinux which works like a charm, but I really want to use Devuan.


#2 2019-08-14 07:56:36

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Re: Devuan Fails to Install on Usb Sata Disk

Given the error and your info, I have a hunch therer's a mismatch between the UUID of the Devuan partition you used and the one reported in Grub. Obtain an 8 or 16GB USB stick and install Devuan on that (as sole OS), then try booting it. If that works, the problem is not Devuan but in Grub.


#3 Yesterday 00:41:33

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Re: Devuan Fails to Install on Usb Sata Disk

Agree with Dutch_Master.

While I don't have other distro's installed on it, I do have a USB stick that boots a Devuan Ascii instance just fine. So it definitely can be done!


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