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#1 2019-08-11 19:36:33

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i have a hurt at the right hand, my main hand

i have a hurt at the right hand, my main hand, and can't use it at all!

if it would be possible to split virtually the keyboard,(both half at the left side, alt. both sides at the right side, in case of hurt at the other hand, and back to normal keyboard function, if you don't find the right keys for special signs lile @[]/^"'¦) it would probably be a great help as in linux no "via voice" is available!

perhaps we have some *deb ready (develop with one hand would be illusion now!) to do that (as i use the normal us or better the us inl keyboard for ex. through setxkbmap, not some keyboard of a limited location like de, fr, ch de or ch fr!)?


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