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#1 2018-12-07 12:15:18

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[Solved] ifstat.eth0 on Boot

After a Dev1 Setup on a Laptop (whit eth0), i have to wait a long time
for the eth0 on "cold boot".

I "cold boot" my Laptop
I look to the "Boot Messages"
I see the following Msg:

Configuring Network Interfaces ifup: Waiting for Lock on

After 2 or 3 minutes to wait, the Laptop boot up,

In the folder /run/network/ i have - after the "long to wait boot":

    ifstat        (content: eth0=eth0 and lo=lo
    ifstat.eth0    (content: eth0 )
    ifstat.lo    (content: lo )
    ifstat.lock    (content: empty )

The Packet: ifstat (1.1-8.1) current *not* installed!

What must i do to speed up my Dev1 Boot ?!


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#2 2018-12-07 22:00:43

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Re: [Solved] ifstat.eth0 on Boot

It would appear the boot up is held back due to a problem with the network configuration.

Firstly, could you please confirm it really is ifstat and not ifstate? The latter would be the status files used and maintained by the ifupdown networking package, whereas I couldn't find out which package would be using the former (with a cursory web search).

Perhaps you have multiple and conflicting network configuration methods activated, in which case it could help to reduce that to a single one? Which network configuration method(s) do you use?

If it already is only a single method, perhaps it'd help to make a change to that, such that networks are configured later? Or maybe, if it's a viable choice,  changing to a method that configures the network interfaces asynchronously with respect to the boot up process? Which network configuration method do you use?


#3 2018-12-10 14:36:16

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Re: [Solved] ifstat.eth0 on Boot

It seems like a similar problem has been described  here.


#4 2018-12-18 13:20:08

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Re: [Solved] ifstat.eth0 on Boot

Hello and Sorry (4delay)
(to be ill)

I have the same question posted on Dev1 Maillinglist (Arrived with 3 days late)

I get a Patch (file) from ML

It works for me!

Happy Hollyday's @all (whatever you celebrate)

Michael … ot.en.html


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